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Here, below is the features list for the War of 1812 mod.

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New Units (Natives, Canadian Militia, Frontier Militia, etc)
New Maps
New Firearms (Pennsylvania Long Rifle, Harper's Ferry Pistol and Rifle, and Trade Musket)
New Edged Weapons (Throwable Tomahawks, U.S. Knife, U.S. Starr Saber, and U.S. Rose Sword)
New Native Weapons (Throwable Spears, Spiked Ball Head Club, Gunstock Club, Stone Club)
New Naval Weapons
(British Figure Eight Cutlass and U.S. Starr Cutlass, Boarding Axes, Boarding Pike, and Naval Dirk)
Unique Field Cannons for each faction.
New Building Textures for the Wood and White Building Sets.
New Sounds
(Firearms, Artillery, Explosions, Shouts, U.S. Fife and Drum Tunes, and Custom Background Music)
New Shouts for Great Britain and United States & Natives by Comrade Crimson
New Voices for Commander Battle commands with the F keys (F1, F2, etc)
French Shouts for Voltigeurs Canadiens, Lower Canada Militia
New Animations (New Cavalry Riding Positions, Musket Reloading, and Marching)
Spontoon-armed British Sergeants
Pikemen for the 15th U.S. (Assault) Infantry
Fixable Bayonets
Movable Canoes
Switchable Early and Late War Uniforms and Unit Sets for Both Factions
1st U.S. Ranker - Early War 1st U.S. Ranker - Late War

Awesome :) Looks great

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