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Change-log for VLM, the loadout modification for the game Mass Effect 2.

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VLM 2012.12 [R1] - Coming Soon!

Reworked version of the mod, provides the same basic idea of allowing you to choose all weapon types but only carry a certain number of weapons at once, but implemented in an improved fashion. Additionally armor and weapons have been reworked to better fit their Mass Effect 3 counterparts.

Weapons & Armor

  • Reworks Weapons in line with Mass Effect 3 counterparts, further details here.
  • Weapons no longer auto-switch when out of ammo.
  • Adjusts armor to be in line with Mass Effect 3 counterparts, further details here.
  • Adds two new helmet options (no helmet with headset and Cyclops Visor).
  • Weapons are now equipped with the maximum carryable ammo at the start of a mission.
  • Weapons are now sorted by designation/name in the UI.

Shields & Stamina

  • Enemy shields regenerate in similar fashion to the player.
  • Grants unlimited storm stamina (you can sprint unlimited like in Mass Effect 3).

None Weapon Selection

  • Allows you to select "None" as a weapon choice, effectively allowing you to no longer carry additional weapons you don't wish to carry.

Squad Loadouts

This is essentially a part of what the traditional VLM added; this mod allows your squad-mates to pick all weapon types - however due to the nature how it works, the "none weapon selection" mod is required.

  • Changes all squad-mates to be able to select from all five weapon categories.

Tints & Patterns

I decided to add my own armor tints mod, however this mod provides the implementation of all colors that are used in Mass Effect 3, so effectively switching between games you can keep your armor looking the same color.

  • Changes armor tints to the color palette found in Mass Effect 3 (81 choices).
  • Changes pattern colors to the color palette found in Mass Effect 3 (70 choices).


This is separate to the Tints & Patterns mod to allow it to be activated easily with other armor tint mods around should you wish.

  • Changes armor materials to match those in Mass Effect 3.

Version 1.2 (BETA3)

  • Added Abvex's MASS-ively EFFECT-ive COLOR-palette mod with permission.
    This will replace the previous color palette mod included in VLM.
  • Added descriptions and improved layout for all mod packages.
  • Added ability to remove shoulder pads.
  • Added ability to wear other N7 Armor.
  • Added ability to hide certain body parts so full-body armors can be customized.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements to all existing mod packages.

Version 1.1 (BETA2)

  • Fixed a bug where every squad member would by default carry two sniper rifles.
  • Enemy shields correctly recharge in similar behavior to the player.
  • Shields no longer absorb all damage on break.
  • Switched Mod Installation to via RoadCrewWorker's ME2 Mod Manger with each mod feature being independent, allow you to choose what features you wish to have installed.
  • Support for users with any combination (or no) DLC packages installed.
  • Ability to disable Intro Movies
  • Numerous other minor fixes and corrections.

Version 1.0 (BETA1)

  • Added additional armor tints.
  • Added additional casual appearances.
  • Increased the ammo of DLC light weapons by 20% or 1 clip.
  • Added key binding to unlock special weapons.
  • Added key binding to unlock all weapons.
  • Changed all squad-mates load-outs (Including DLC Squad-mates) to allow them to select one medium weapon and one light weapon.
  • Increased the ammo of light weapons by 20% or 1 clip.
  • Combined Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles into one single load-out category.
  • Combined Heavy Pistols and Auto Pistols into one single load-out category.
  • Added improved graphics options.

do you know that it is illegal to upload the DCL's? people have to buy them, but dont worry i dont care, just nice

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Vetron Author

The DLC are not uploaded in this mod. You require to have them installed prior to installing this mod.

This mod is based around changing the config (Coalesced.ini) and nothing more. The DLC are required because there are text-based references to them.

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Vetron Author

I should update and say that DLC are no longer required to run this mod as of the release of V1.1. You can use this mod with any installed DLC combination.

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i only have the cerb.armor and arc projector stuff. can i still use this mod and those other mod items??

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oo yeah i dont get how to install this... thanks in advancee

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