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An explanation of the soviet countries / USSR general veterancy system.

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For the USSR / soviet countries general veterancy path:


A unit at rank 1 which is usually a mladshii leitenant USSR Officer 1 which is the US equivalent to second lieutenant or efreitor USSR Enlist 1 which is the US equivalent to private first class. Said unit will receive an increase of 25% of their basic Firepower, speed, and sight bonuses.


A unit at rank 2 is either a leitenant USSR Officer 2 which is the US equivalent for 2nd lieutenant but more experienced or miladshii serzhant USSR Enlist 2 Translated to “junior sargent” (US equivalent to corporal). Unit at this rank will receive a firepower bonus of 25% and a range bonus of 25% both in the form of a new weapon. Also, a unit will gain the self-healing/repair ability which will it recuperate slowly in the battlefield.


A unit At Rank 3 is usually starshii leitenant USSR Officer 3 translated to “senior lieutenant” (which is the US equivalent for 1st lieutenant) or serhzant USSR Enlist 3 which is “sargent”. Around this achievement units will receive their final bonus compound of firepower, speed, and sight of which it will be applied on the sum the unit’s inherit abilities plus previously applied bonuses. And again, unit around this stage will recuperate even faster than its pervious rank stage.


A unit at rank 4 which is kapitan USSR Officer 4 which is obviously “captain” or starshii serzhant USSR Enlist 4 translated to “senior sargent” (which is the US equivalent to staff sargent). A unit will receive its first bonus of 25% increase in strength that will come in the form of an armor upgrade and an increase of 25% in rate of fire. It will also receive a special trait like being equipped with special sensors to detect cloaked/stealthed units. Finally, the self-healing bonus will be increased for one last time of which the unit recuperation amount is tripled.


A unit at rank 5 that is maior USSR Officer 5 which is “major” or starshina USSR Enlist 5 old / USSR Enlist 5 translated to “master sargent” (which is the US equivalent for First or Master Sargent). Units usually receive 3 distinctive special traits. An example of that a unit will receive the ability to be immune to chrono based weaponry or to be immune to radiation.


A unit at rank 6 being podpoIkovnik USSR Officer 6 translated to “lieutenant Colonel” or praporshchyk USSR Enlist 6 translated to “warrant officer”. A unit at this statues will receive its final Strength, range, and rate of fire bonuses of 25% of which it compounds on the unit’s pervious inherit and acquired bonus.


That is a wrap. To be continued in part 4..


When you posted all the ranks of the countries earlier there were more ranks for USA and USSR, (three stars russian WA and 5 WA ranks for USA and some enlists for example), so are you gonna start with these in the first release and then add the missing ranks for USA and USSR and then give every country it's own as you posted them earlier?

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RedCounterStrike! Author

Yes. First we will start with USA and USSR ranks for the most part. Unless there is a special unit related to the player country that had been picked then that unit will follow said country's ranking system and even follow the focus sheet if that unit is applicable to it.

I have to say, I am finding less use for senior ranks. But, there are some features I am waiting on ARES and PHOBOS to add.

Once added, I will give very very specific units the possibility to go through all the ranks to which vehicles can go through from 2nd LT. to 5 star general and infantry from privet to the most decorated chevron class there is.

For WO ranks I will leave these specifically for leader infantry that give leadership aura's, so they sorta function as mini-hero units.

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