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An explanation of the allied / United States general veterancy system.

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Before starting, here are some conventions I would like you all to understand:

  • CMP: meaning a unit relies on the original red alert 2 veterancy system to get its described bonus of which said bonus is compounded or multiplied by the unit's inherit statues either increasing or decreasing certain values. For example if a unit achieve veteran statues (1 chevron) they will be awarded with bonus of 50% increase in strength and if the unit's inherit strength for example was about 100 hit points, then the it will be 150 hit points.
  • CMP-NRM: meaning a unit relies on user (me the author) input calculations done to mimic the red alert 2 veterancy system. This is done using unit to unit conversion logic thanks to the ARES development team for applying it.
  • Hold: meaning a unit will hold it's current graphical image form and/or it internal or inherit logic values (to some extent that it was programmed for).
  • Change: meaning a unit will change it's current graphical image form and/or it internal or inherit logic values (to some extent that it was programmed for).

Also, I would like to note that USSR/soviet ranks are a little lower than the USA/allied variant, I lowered it so the insignia structure can have a coherent build up. Furthermore, the US/Allied insignia coloring and structuring is somewhat altered to match and be in line of other ranking systems of allies that will be introduced in the future in the sense of coherency, but both are subject to change if deemed unfitting or necessary. I would also like to say I have changed it because command and conquer largely does not accurately represent a coherent and real life build up in many of its games and the fact that this mod is a semi-realistic I kept them as such to some extent.

Now, United States and allied countries veterancy path:


A unit at rank 1 usually a 2nd lieutenant US Officer 1 or lance corporal US Enlist 1. Said unit will receive their basic Strength, speed, and sight bonuses of which 25% increase on each.


A unit at rank 2 either a 1st lieutenant US Officer 2 or corporal US Enlist 2. The unit will mostly receive a rate of fire bonus of 25% and a range bonus of 25%. Units will also receive strength bonus that compounds the original strength plus the bonus it had received this will come in form of extra armor or “shield” for example for vehicles they will be upgraded with explosive reactive armor or armor skirts. Lastly, a unit will gain the self-healing ability, that said unit will be able recuperate slowly in the battlefield.

USA 3 1

A unit at rank 3 usually a captain US Officer 3 or a sargent US Enlist 3. Around this level of achievement, units will receive their final bonus compound of strength, speed, and sight of which it will be applied on the sum the unit’s inherit abilities plus previously applied bonuses. And again, the self-healing ability of the unit in this stage is improved doubling the amount of recuperation.


A unit at rank 4 which is a major US Officer 4 or a staff sargent US Enlist 4. A unit will receive its first bonus of 25% increase in firepower that will come in the form of a new weapon. it will also receive a special trait like being equipped with special sensors to detect cloaked units. Finally, the self-healing bonus will be increased for one last time of which the unit’s recuperation amount is tripled.

USA 5 1

A unit at rank 5 which is a lieutenant Colonel US Officer 5 or a sargent first class US Enlist 5. Units will receive 3 distinctive special traits. An example of that a unit will receive the ability to be immune to chrono based weaponry or to be immune to radiation.


A unit at rank 6 being colonel US Officer 6 or master sargent US Enlist 6. A unit will receive its final Firepower, range, and rate of fire bonuses of 25% of which it compounds on the unit’s pervious inherit and acquired bonuses.


That is all for USA's / allied countries general system.

To be continued in part 3..


These are the ranks to be used in beta only right? Because ranks were more than this before, there was for USA five WA and more enlisted sergeants and private first class and above the colonel there was 5-stars ranks from brigadier general to general of the army, those are going to be added in later versions right?

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