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Fixes to the economy and some other minor fixes.

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  • Egyptians
    • farms give 1 wealth
    • food cap is now 30%

  • Germans
    • 1 less miner per mine (3 extra miners total)


  • Smelters - easier to increase Metal output than before (since mountains are harder to get than trees)
    • production bonus adds +3 to every miner (+2 extra per upgrade)

  • Terra Cotta
    • fixed unit timer (and description)


  • Chariot Raiders
    • fixed damage output (same as Horse Raiders - forgot to put the entry in last time)

  • Fireships (all) - now act as they should: have a devestating attack against Heavy Ships and Admirals (of same tech)
    • damage vs admirals raised
    • damage vs light ships raised

  • Subs (all) - now act as they should: slow firing, much more vulnerable to ships when attacking but have a devestating attack against Heavy Ships and Admirals (of same tech)
    • reload speed much slower
    • projectile speed slower
    • damage substantially raised
    • damage vs. admirals (all) substantially raised
    • damage vs heavy ships (all) substantially raised

  • Siege units (all) - can take down buildings slightly faster
    • damage vs city raised
    • damage vs forts raised
    • damage vs towers raised


  • added farm per city info to farm description

cool :)

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