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A new unique building, several fixes and 1 new unique unit.

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    • higher age units have a significant damage bonus against lower age units
  • Submarines
    • increased dmg vs Admirals
    • increased damage vs lower age units
    • reduced damage taken from lower age units
    • reload time slightly raised
  • Zeppelin
    • drastically reduced chance of getting hit with non-anti air units
  • Rocket Artillery
    • increased dmg vs cities
    • increased dmg vs buildings
  • Siege units (all)
    • increased dmg vs cities
  • Fighter Bomber, Jet Fighter Bomber
    • decreased dmg vs buildings
  • Pre-Industrial age non-anti air ground units (all)
    • chance to hit air units now very small
  • Admirals
    • raised cost
    • raised support cost
      • removed knowledge cost
    • dmg raised
    • armor lowered
    • HP raised
    • AI should build less now
    • population changed to 10
    • all admirals now shoot straight, not sideways (except Fleet Admiral)
  • Fireships (all)
    • raised dmg vs units
  • Nukes
    • now truly obliterate ANYTHING in the blast area


  • Plunder/Raze values REDONE
    • reduced raze values (all)
    • changed raze for wonders
      • raze value now gives total amount of cost to build it (for example if the wonder costs 500 food and 500 timber, razing it gives back 1000 resources (type depends on wonder)
    • city raze value increased per level of city
    • capital raze value increased
    • Despots give bigger plunder bonus
  • Cities
    • raised cost
    • reduced armor
  • Docks
    • reduced HP


  • Ages
    • AGE costs and times REDONE
      • bigger costs and research times in age milestones (I->II, III-IV, V-VI, VII-VIII)
      • slightly lower costs and research times in smaller technological leaps (II->III, IV->V, VI->VII)
      • because of this I've also added 2 new versions: Extended and Extreme (both have bigger cost factors to allow for longer play as the current version is slightly faster than previous versions)
  • Temple bonuses
    • reduced city HP bonus


  • Raider Stable (Classical Age) - Mongols (II), Lakota (II)
    • produces Horse Raiders
    • can be built outside of borders but suffers from attrition if built in enemy territory
    • can have only one but can be rebuilt if destroyed
    • becomes obsolete in Industrial Age
  • Frontier Watchpost/Outpost
    • support cost raised
    • added knowledge support cost
    • fixed Fr. Watchpost sound


  • NEW UNIQUE UNIT: Horse Raiders
    • can have only one at a time
    • very effective at raiding unprotected settlements
    • very fast and more effective vs buildings than units
    • come in threes


    • Repeat Rifle Horse
      • removed because Lakota had too many uniques
    • cost reduction changed to 50%
    • cost conversion is now 20%


  • Turtle Ship

First, I want to thank you for your mod very well done and bringing very interesting additions and modifications. It made me want to play again at Rise of Nations.
Secondly, during a multiplayer game, one of us totally destroyed other players with nuclear bombs. It's not that I think they are too powerful (which is their goal), but it is the fact that they can be created quickly and continuously through the final techs.
Would it be possible to prevent Artificial Intelligence from acting on nuclear bombs or to simply make it reduce their production time?

Sorry for my bad English.

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0wcabibi88 Author

Well, I've already made nukes produce really slowly and they cost a lot (+ they cost knowledge).

The whole point of the final techs is that they are powerful, that's why they also cost a lot.

I might tweak nukes a little further in the future, but if you want a longer play, I suggest you use the Extended or Extreme editions of the mod in this update. :)

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