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A quick fix solving an issue with players not being able to build certain unique buildings.

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  • Operaciones Especiales
  • Mohawk Riflemen
  • HNLMS Groningen
  • Resistance Fighters
  • Anti-Air Infantry
  • ELAS
  • Hakim Infantry
  • KLA
  • Mitsubishi Ki-51
    • made team color visible
  • Man-o-War
    • Changed cross colors to black (so it's not confused with team color)


  • All
    • removed second tech prerequisite (can be built as soon as your reach the Age required)
  • Naval Forts
    • fixed sound


  • Generals
    • fixed sound
  • Government Patriots (all)
    • raised turn speed
  • Admirals
    • AI should now build less (was wasting too much resources on them)
    • turn speed increased
  • Main Battle Tank
    • fixed sound
    • fixed info


    • new power: gain 2 free fishermen when building a dock
    • taxation upgrades are now free and add 50% more (instead of 40%)
    • ships are created 66% faster (instead of 33%)


  • Barracks
    • reduced dmg
    • slowed attack speed
  • Missile Silo
    • can now only build in Large City radius (but can build more than 1)
    • fixed info

you could change the name to the byzantine warriors to Akritoi they sound like badass medium range melee infantry here "Akrites (plural Akritoi or Akritai) were defenders of the Anatolian borders of the Empire. They appeared after either the Arab conquests, or much later when Turkish tribes raided Anatolia from the east. The Akritoi units were formed from native Greeks living near the eastern borders. Whether such men were really soldier-farmers or lived on rents from smallholdings while concentrating on their military duties is still a matter of debate. The Akritoi were probably mostly light troops, armed with bows and javelins.
They were most adept at defensive warfare, often against raiding Turkish light horsemen in the Anatolian mountains, but could also cover the advance of the regular Byzantine army. Their tactics probably consisted of skirmishing and ambushes in order to catch the fast-moving Turkish horse-archers. Greek folklore and traditional songs of the Byzantine era to the 19th century heavily feature Akrites and their (always exaggerated) deeds "

they seem like your unit :D

or Scoutatoi which were spear and sword welding professional infantry. but they had no range :/

also Mourtatoi
they were guard archers with melee and range bows. ... I'm obsessive to roman empire sorry xD

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0wcabibi88 Author

I could change the name, but then I would probably name them 'Byzantine Akritoi' or something, so that people know these are Byzantine units.

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