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Check out this week’s roundup of the mods that were featured on the DBolical YouTube!

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Hey there! Welcome to this week's roundup of the YouTube, where we released a list video celebrating Halloween and also a gameplay vid of a charming solo total conversion!

We haven't done a lot of list videos this year - mostly because the playthrough vids have been far more successful in terms of engagement with readers and mod creators - but we wanted to make a nice event of Halloween and revisited some classic mods on-site. I prioritised mods that were total conversions, firstly, and then also wanted to cover total conversions for somewhat unexpected games - like You Are Here and The Reckoning, for GTA: San Andreas and M&B: Warband respectively. It was fun to delve a little more into the past this time, and I look forward to seeing what new horror experiences I can dig into for next year!

Friday - Playthrough - ASTERODEAD

Zombies and DOOM are a match made in hell, explored in many ways by many modders over the years - in this era of modding, style is what counts, and ASTERODEAD has it by the bucketful. The dead are raised by an alien asteroid and it's down to you to quell the epidemic and save humanity, in a cartoony, gloriously charming total conversion made by a one man team with nothing but passion.

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That's all for this round-up. What do you think about the mods listed? Feel free to discuss below and check out the YouTube for more videos past, present, and future!

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