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Your desperatly going to need a ride, find out why.

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Due to the size and stregnth of the enemy force, your hand weaponry wont even scratch the surface of some enemies, meaning the mod will rely heavily on vehicles throughout.
Some are elite, specificly built for battle; Tanks, armoured jeeps and mankinds own walkers. However most are welded together from bits here and there, aka, scrap on wheels. There are a few relics of the past which wont stand up to much but will get you out of a messy situation asap.
You will get the chance to both drive and take control over the turrets on all vehicles. If you have companions you are the boss, you tell'em where to sit!
Not only do you get to use mankinds vehicles but if you survive long enough, you get to grab yourself some of the Martians, maybe even one or two of those giant tripods for a bit of vengance... If you can figure out how to drive them!
Keep a watch over our media section for vehicle renders.

(HL: A War Of The Worlds Project Lead)


like the sound of this =)

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