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A demonstration of how the variety of weapons will work in Vanilla 2.0. New features, new models, new textures.

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Vanilla 2.0 (Reworked Weapons)

Vanilla 2.0 will work with a satisfactory weapon set. New textures, new models, new sounds, new features. But what will highlight most in Vanilla 2.0 is the extension of weapons I'm already working on.

I will give an example:

I will take the BM 16 weapon as an example. In Stalker Vanilla she has only one model, a BM 16 with damage, accuracy, specific handling, we didn't find any other for the game.

What will happen in Vanilla 2.0 is the extended range of BM 16. To be clear (This is unofficial, just an example of names and features that may or may not be assigned in Vanilla 2.0),we can have 2, 3, 4 maybe even 5 types of BM 16. Each with its texture and characteristics, one can do more damage than the other, one can wear out faster than the other, one can accept only one type of ammunition, etc ... ... ...

What I can say is official is that all weapons will undergo a severe overhaul. What I can not guarantee is new animations, but all weapons in Vanilla 2.0 will not have the indentation, handling, damage, weight, price, quality of weapons in SoC Vanilla 1.0006

Additional Weapons

Yes, we will have new sets of pistols, shotguns, rifles, subs, grenades, knives, even the binoculars will have a different variety.

I want to expand the arsenal of SoC, but not only put a little weapon and let the player enjoy, I want to add each weapon working carefully in all aspects (Less animations).

I will not leave here a list of weapons that I will add, I do not want to make promises so I can not keep them.

NPC Rule

Each NPC will use their weapon according to their rank and experience. It may be that at the beginning of the gameplay the player is faced with very weak weapons, as he will advance in the game the npc's will have quality and deadly weapons in their backpacks. I will also work on the damage system.

These are the news I can bring at the moment, who knows later I will post a couple of images showing the work done with the weapons. From now on I cannot guarantee the exact date for the next article, video, image. I am working on the mod constantly with the free time I have.


Really looking forward to this. Thank you for taking the time to keep Soc alive.

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