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I decided to put together a small article on the upcoming update.

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The update is going to be made available sometime this weekend, I will explain what the update changes/fixes later in this article. Firstly, I would like to clarify some issues regarding installation and updating your current Faction Fronts installation.

When an update needs to be applied, first remove all previous versions of the mod. Then apply the update. If save games are compatible the "read-me" will state so. Some of the larger updates may need a new game, I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Now that's been cleared up I will move onto another issue.

• The dreaded space anomaly "crash to desktop"

Before I go into the details I want to make it clear that this bug DOES NOT EXIST in v1.2.1, a few weeks ago I released the Faction Fronts 1.2alpha in this "alpha" release I hadn't fixed the bug yet. I fixed the bug in v1.2.1, however people who were using save games from v1.2alpha were still getting the crash. The reason for this is that the files related to the crash are bound to a save-game when a new game is started. Changes to those variables are not legitimate until a new game is started. Also if you installed 1.2.1 over the 1.2alpha the problem would have persisted.

Now Moving onto the features,

v1.2.2 will bring a few additions and changes all focused on progressively making this mod better and better. Firstly there are more random items, I have also balanced the probability of the items, traders have been touched up and glitches within the trading system touched up.

I've also spent a good few hours touching up random weapons. Random weapons now applies to both pistols and primary weapons. There is also a small chance for stalkers to attain a PKM or RPG. However the chance is very low, this can give NPC's and squads a major advantage in Battle (Especially during a faction war.) I have also spent some time, adding in the smoke grenade...

• 1 more new weapon!
To all of you weapon fanatics I'm happy to announce the introduction of a new weapon! The weapon is a cheaper variant of the AK-47. NPC's have the weapon on their spawn lists and the gun is also available from traders. With every update I plan to bring in a few new weapons, however always taking balance and difficulty into consideration :)

• Performance
Many of you have been complaining about poor performance, this is indelibly because the new textures and weather consume much more video memory than default clear sky. I have made adjustments to the textures. Replacing specific textures with slightly down scaled ones. I have also brought in some shaders from CoP. They are better coded and more easy on your machine.

I plan to eventually have a light version available.

• Faction Fronts: Launcher
Currently still a W.I.P. feature, the launcher will automatically update the mod. As well as feed news and media to you. The launcher will also allow you to swap features, and change elements such as weapon damage etc. The launcher is being coded by myself and a friend of mine "Sven - A part time member of the FF mod team" I cannot say when it will be available

• The wish Granter.
The Wish Granter is an interface that allows the user to customize the game to their preferences. The wish granter lets you spawn anomalies, mutants, NPC's, weapons, armor and items. You can also control weather, time, music, economy and enable vehicles as well as many other misc functions. Special thanks to artistpavel for gicing us permission to use this fantastic feature. While in game it can be accessed via ESC-F1

• Music?
1.2.2 features some significant changes to the music. over 37 new guitar tracks as well as 7 harmonica tracks. NPC's now play the harmonica in addition with the guitar. Later on i plan to make an addition to the factions, adding a sequence of randomized songs that will play at their bars/bases.

I also have planned an acoustic redesign of freedom as they are very similar to "stoned hippies" instead of ruthless criminals. I may do a similar thing with duty.

• New NPC meshes
Thanks to the help of a member from the STALKER modding community there is now a new mesh for the rookie loners - complete with a gas mask. I hope to later on expand upon the variation of the mod, adding up to 13 variants for every group, as well as new suits & weapons specific to one faction.

But that's later :D


Final Word

- I hope you are impressed with the 1.2.2 update and I am reassured you will all enjoy playing it :)

• Until the next artifact comes in, Happy Stalking...
- Predator_828

PembrokeWelshCorgi - - 57 comments

Sounds very nice. I look forward to it. I'll try not to play CS so much since I'll be starting a new game later on.

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JetBlack7 - - 105 comments

Very nice presentation about the next update, very informative and got me anxious until this next update! Can't wait!!!

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Soliddoors_ZA Author
Soliddoors_ZA - - 1,048 comments

Thanks guys, once 1.22 is up I'm going to finish up FF-Soc and then begin work on Faction Fronts: Call of Pripyat after that i'm going to start work on FFCS 1.3 etc... Alot of work ahead of me... :D

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mostwanted115 - - 2 comments

Great Job predator_828,

u got any blog or website where we can follow ur work?

and any new news on FF mod for CoP?

u got urself a fan base now...

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