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Added - Destruction of forests Added - Harvesting resources Added - Creating the first variant of crystals.

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I added the ability to tear down forests by simply walking through them. You will not destroy everything but might damage it and this will have an impact on its growth or the growth of settlements nearby.

A Golem is a strange creature in itself. Its life comes from crystals portruding from its body and it can use those even to create effects akin to magic. He can have 6 of those and the color determines of what kind the crystal is. Red = Life, Black = Earth and Blue .. I don't know if I'm going to keep that one around :) . Right now the Golem can only involuntarily produce a crystal, meaning that after he has enough resources, it will just be produced.

In order to get the crystals, the Golem has to harvest the energy of the land ultimately destroying it. To get the resources the Golem rips out the energy core of the land and absorbs it.

That's all for now but these are important features. Now you can destroy the land in many ways and this is a big part of this game because most of the destruction might come from impatience and will change the world somehow.

Harvest 01

Harvest 02

Next up:

- Create an icon to show the player where he is trying to harvest and if it is still possible. Maybe something like this:


- Give the player the ability to create the desired crystal

- Create settlements and tribes and connect them to the environment


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