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We, at Cronix Games tell you all the answers you want to know about.

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With head chief director Kyle Snelgrove, we at Cronix Games would like to answer some of the questions provided with the public.

Q01 :: "When saying realistic, do you mean that if you run too fast you fall or something?"
A :: "Haha, not exactly. If that happened no one would like the gameplay very much haha. With realistic we mean that everything is so fluid that it seems real. For instance, look at the sun for too long and the screen will go all white and when you turn away from the sun your character gets really blurry."

Q002 :: "What does your slogan under Taking Point in your logos mean?"
A :: "The game was originally suppose to be Single Player but we figured that could also be one of the match commentary when you have one mag and there's 15 opponents."

Q003 :: "What platforms are you releasing Taking Point on?"
A :: "PC, MAC, and Android Market. We hope to also get on major consoles."

Q004 :: "Will this compare to Modern Warfare 2 or basically any Call of Duty game?"
A :: "Story wise? No. Game play? Well we have a good chance on that."

Q005 :: "Don't tell me this is another fan boy game on Battle Field : BC. Is it?"
A :: "Fortunately, no. But we hope to reach greater aspects than many other games."

That's all that could be answered for today, please visit later for more features and Q&A.

CantShootStraight - - 133 comments

Darn, so no destruction? Well thats alright at least I can finally heal in peace unlike in bf bc2

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