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This chart shows the hitpoints, weapons and other notable facts about units.

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excelsior class Mothership

hitpoints: 14000

weapons: coaxialrailgun 10000, broadsidecannon1 400x30, broadsiderailgun2 400x30

builds: assault corvette

liberty class heavycruiser

hitpoints: 4000

weapons: coaxialrailgun 3000, broadsidecannon1 400x8, broadsidecannon2 400x8,
turret1 500x2, turret2 700

assault corvette

hitpoints: 800

weapons: coaxialrailgun 600, missile, 50x16, auto cannon 25

f24 super raptor

hitpoints: 30

weapons: minigun 2, missiles 70

eagle class frigate

hitpoints: 1500

weapons: autocannon1 50, autocannon2 50, dualturret 700x2, coaxialrailgun 1500

identity class missilecruiser

hp: 3000

weapons: cruise-missile 600x8, broadsidecannon1 350x5, broadsidecannon2 350x5, twin dual turrets

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