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A run-over of the roster for the NKG's Tech Level 1 Aircraft.

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This article will follow in the steps of the Unit Spotlight: NKG Tech Level 1 Mechs and Unit Spotlight: NKG Tech Level 1 Tanks articles and talk about the line-up of early aircraft for the NKG. The aircraft serve the traditional role of military aircraft in that they are swift units that can provide reconnaissance or surgical strikes on enemy forces.

Tori Type Fighter

The Tori Type Fighter is the most basic aircraft available to the NKG. Swift and quickly built, the Tori Type Fighter is armed with four machine cannons designed to shoot down other aircraft, which they do rather well. Not able to take much damage themselves, they're ideal for dispersing bothersome raids from the skies.

This was a very early unit and the Mobile Suit Gundam influences are especially prominent. This model could totally pass as a Core Fighter, and its original red, white and blue paint scheme didn't help! In an effort to make it look different, I called on the canard wing setup. I'm decently happy with this unit, although it is dramatically different from most of the other aircraft, which are based on more contemporary designs.

Tori is undeniably one of my more lame names, as it is straight up the Japanese word for bird. But, with all of our Eagles, Nighthawks, Hornets, and Falcons, I think thats rather reasonable don't you?

Ure Type Bomber

The Ure Type Bomber is a basic, small bomber. While not as swift or fragile as the Tori Type Fighter, the Ure Type Bomber can attack the ground with a small payload of bombs. The bombs fall in a small area, so they are ideal for destroying buildings, but they are not overwhelmingly effective. The bombers rely on fuel, so their range of deployment is limited by the placement of airfields.

This design was one I was very, very happy with when it came out. Based on nothing in particular, and not drawing from contemporary aircraft, this is undoubtedly one of the more original aircraft for the NKG.

Like several of the non-samurai or daimyo inspired names, the original reasoning for Ure has escaped me. I don't believe it is an actual word, so its likely I just juxtaposed two kana together and this is the result. Embarrassing, isn't it?

Washi Type Warplane

The Washi Type Warplane is an aircraft armed with four missiles designed to only attack land units. Doing very little damage to buildings, they are intended to destroy enemy units. While not especially powerful overall, they do deal a little more damage to tanks. Unlike the bombers, the Washi Type Warplane does not rely on fuel so its potential for deployment is infinitively better than that of the Ure Type Bomber.

I was definitely drawing from the "Warthog" (A-10 Thunderbolt) for influence when I made this unit. With rear-mounted engines and rocket launchers under the wings, this unit looks much more like a contemporary aircraft. I'm fairly happy with this one, although I feel the geometry could have come out a little better maybe.

Like Ure, Washi is another potentially made-up word that I've forgotten the reason behind. I was definitely digging the bottom of the barrel for names at this point, haha.

Kangae Type Radar Plane

The Kangae Type Radar Plane is a first generation reconnaissance aircraft for the NKG. Unarmed, but equipped with a rotating radar dish built into the fuselage, the Kangae Type Radar Plane is able to detect any enemy units not sneaky enough to be stealthy or jamming radar. Due to their high altitude flight patterns, they are able to only see units directly below them.

Not much to say about this design. I went for a very basic, contemporary design, drawing from the stereotypical cargo plane shape. A rotating dish is in the fuselage, but it is completely covered by the wings from the top view, so it is likely I'm the only one who will ever know it's there.

Kangae is the Japanese word for idea. Like most of the radar units, I was using words loosely associated with thought and perception.

The NKG's air force is not terribly bolstered but it gets the job done. This is mostly the product of a desire for prominent land combat. The airports required to build these units also double as refuel and repair pads, and will service any unit in the air.

nokanomi - - 101 comments

you mentioned airfields quite a bit, will there be seaplanes, underwater plane refuel stations and flying fortress refueling ships? just curious, and also, i hope that you are done this mod soon, and also if you take the e out of ure and extend might work for a joke playable version where the stuff has slightly different names and attacks designed with comedy in mind, hm? i dont know, maybe after your dont this mod

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Sanada_Ujio Author
Sanada_Ujio - - 51 comments

The NKG at this moment has no plans for sea planes, or any naval refuel stations. The aircraft are meant to overall be a supplementary force, not a self-dependent primary one. As for the Ure, I'm not sure I get the joke, but a lot of jokes go over my head. You won't find much comedy in the NKG, unfortunately.

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nokanomi - - 101 comments

ah, nevermind, anyway, i meant a second realease when you are finished conflict terra, where you could make a joke version where, say the weak spam units are actually super powerful juggernauts, or stuff with just funny names ect.

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