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A list of units planned for ingame. This list will be updated regularly.

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Sirius United - Unit list

(20/6/2009) - Tradelane added.
(20/6/2009) - Unit list created. More to be added.


Role: Resource Collector
Freelancer Equivalent: Miner

Combat Service Vehicle
Role: Ship Repairs
Freelancer Equivalent: CSV


Role: High Speed Reconnaissance
Freelancer Equivalent: Patriot

Role: Anit-Fighter Fighter
Freelancer Equivalent: Eagle

Role: Anti-Frigate and Anti-Capital Bomber
Freelancer Equivalent: Sabre

Role: Anti-Corvette Fighter
Freelancer Equivalent: Titan


Niehr Corvette
Role: Anti-Frigate and Anti-Capital Corvette
Freelancer Equivalent: Rheinland Gunboat

Terb Corvette
Role: Anti-Corvette Corvette
Freelancer Equivalent: Bretonia Gunboat

Rasuk Corvette
Role: Anti-Fighter Corvette
Freelancer Equivalent: Kusari Gunboat


Niehr Frigate
Role: Anti-Capital Frigate
Freelancer Equivalent: Rheinland Cruiser

Terb Frigate
Role: Anti-Frigate Frigate
Freelancer Equivalent: Bretonia Destroyer

Rasuk Frigate
Role: Anti-Corvette Frigate
Freelancer Equivalent: Kusari Cruiser

Role: Anti-Mothership Frigate
Freelancer Equivalent: Liberty Cruiser

Capital Craft

Union Cruiser

Role: Capital Powerhouse
Freelancer Equivalent: Mixture of parts from the Rheinland, Liberty, Kusari, and Bretonia Battleships

Sirius United Carrier
Role: Capital Class Production Ship
Freelancer Equivalent: Prison Liner (Similar to the luxury liner)


Sleeper Ship
Role: Sirius United Mothership
Freelancer Equivalent: Hispania


Role: Portable Hyperspacing Platform
Freelancer Equivalent: The jumpgate

Role: High Speed Propulsion Platform
Freelancer Equivalent: The tradelane
Note: Whether a freelancer like tradelane is possible or not, i dont know


wont the union cruiser look a bit weird?

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Well when a model picture of the ship comes we can speculate I guess... :) Although I couldn't quite imagine what it look like.

Oh and Timasku if you haven't already, don't forget to possibly consider the Osiris Battleship also, couldn't think of what use it would have with the already listed ship list but hey just a thought to throw in.

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isn't the Osiris basically the liberty dreadnought mach 2
with a cloak

and wouldn't it be better to have the 4 separate battleships instead of (possibly) a really weird looking one(Union Cruiser)

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Wouldn't one race with 4 battleships compared to the two other races only having 1 battlecruiser going to be tad unbalanced?

Oh and in reply to the ship list: Wheres the destroyer on the ship list?

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ok i see what you mean but couldn't they just be made cheaper and weaker

and the Bretonia Destroyer is in the frigate list

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timaksu Author

i wanted something a little more special than the regurlar freelancer battleships. Something to show the union of the different factions. The Union Cruiser would have the best of all the separate freelancer factions (Rheinlands armor and capacity, Kusari's speed, Liberties Forward Weapon power, and some of bretonia's heavier weapons as its secondary heavy weapon system).

I could put in the Osiris as a faster, cloakable capital ship. it would be alot weaker than any other capital ship though, sitting somewhere in between frigate and capital ship.. how's that?


and yes, bretonia destroyer is the same as the other faction's cruisers. for bretonia it goes:

gunboat -> destroyer -> battleship

while others are

gunboat -> cruiser -> battleship.

;) they're the same thing

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