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These are the unique units to be appeared in Omega Wars UYG v1.0 . Veteran units, Bonus, and Secret Veterans are not shown in this feature.

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Here are the country units:
U.S.A. = Sonic Power Tank
U.K. = Patriot MLRS System
France = Abrams Tank (sharing from U.S.A.)
Germany = Tank Destroyer
South Korea = Black Eagle
Italy = Grinder Tank

U.S.S.R. = Tesla Tank
Iraq = Raider
Cuba = THV (Turret Hydra Vehicle)
Libya = Demolition Truck
China = Dragon Pyronite Tank
North Korea = Arch Cannon

Psi Corps (Yuri) = Parasite Mutant (inf.)
Chaos Army = Black Wyrm
Great Bios = Bio Fist
Yuri Empire = Corrupter (Formerly Depilus Tank; Tripedus Tank cancelled)

Stay tuned!!

M.Kenosis - - 358 comments

Grinder:a better way to simulate that from RA3

Primary weapon is EMP to make the victim unable to fight back
Primary weapon's projectile is invisible,but have an airburst weapon to deal normal damage
The airburst weapon's projectile set Vertical=yes to make them stay together

Carefully control that normal damage to make it not overpowered.

Secondary weapon set to something kills infantry with one hit

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Darkkoril Author
Darkkoril - - 350 comments

Thanks for your suggestion, may use the rulesmd.ini coding instead.

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