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First part of the documentation with the weapons of the mod.

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U4E Weapons Guide: Section1
[Section 1]
u4e bfg
The BFG 20,000
(Summoning Command: u4et.bfg20k)
Weapon History:

This weapon as part of the technology recovered from the Skaarj Homeworld. The insect species is was recovered from appear to have very high metabolisms and thick shells. Their weaponry is both area effecting and self tracking. The gun process's outside air threw a series of ducts for both cooling as well as propulsion of it's energy attacks.

It's worn roughly like a glove and has micro anti-gravitational devices to offset it's weigh. The end result is a powerful and easy to wield weapon that is good for both limited fire fights as well as large scale engagements. Tactical Readout:

Primary Fire releases a stream of heat-sinking energy spheres. Each sphere inflicts only light damage, but the firing rate coupled with the self-tracking properties make this attack very formidable in a fire fight.
Alt-Fire charges up the interior fusion cells. During this charge the frontal barrel coupling rotates to encompass the growing energy sphere. This sphere quickly looses the heat-sinking properties of it's smaller kin, but in return gains the ability to produce small heat-sinking energy bolts that effect everything around it for a range of 60 feet. The wielder is protected from this attack by the dampers in the barrel's hooks. The fully charged sphere floats forward at the rate of 5 feet a second until it comes into contact with a solid mass. The resulting impact destabilizes the energy sphere in a blast roughly 20 times that of the small spheres. This attack has been found useful against both armored vehicles and large groups of soldiers. Because of the blast radius though, it is strongly suggested for outdoor use only!

u4e qsg

The Quantum Singularity Generator
(Summoning Command: u4et.qsg)
Weapon History:

Another device from the Dimensional Rift ravaged Skaarj Homeworld, this device was almost not recovered at all. It was found next to the eviscerated remains of an unknown humanoid creature and the bodies of 3 adult titans. Apparently the user has used the device in a moment of crisis to dispatch the closing titans and ran out of power to protect itself from the gun's effects. The gun itself survived unharmed though. This was very strange because all life within 200 feet of it was completely destroyed.

This device appears to focus a concentrated beam of tachyons at a point of matter up to 2 miles away. In an effect that still baffles U4E scientists, this causes a few atoms at the point of impact to invert into a pocket of null-space that immediately sucks in all matter around it. This pocket of null space swells in hyperspace until it reaches the point of atomic saturation. At this point the pocket of null-space collapses, reversing the blackhole effect in one monstrous explosive wave.

Because of the elastic properties of Hyper-space, two null pockets formed within the near vicinity of each other will automatically become linked though hyperspace, allowing instantaneous travel between two points. The destructive forces of the journey though makes survival highly unlikely unless the energy damping force field is active.
Tactical Readout:

Primary Fire generates a stream of tachyons that invert space at the point of impact. In layman's English, this causes a tiny blackhole to form at the point where the beam impacts a solid surface. If this surface is not stable, such as human flesh, the newly formed blackhole will under go wild shifts and collapse quickly with a large explosion.If another blackhole is formed before the first one collapses. it is possible to leap through the inverted space of the first blackhole and appear out the aperture of the second. Travel in this manner is very dangerous though!
Alt-Fire forms a pocket of normal space around the user, encasing the user in a shimmering force field. Well some visible wave lengths of light and sound will penetrate the sphere, weapon attacks of any kind are useless against the wielder of the QSG well this forcefield is in effect. This force field is also the only effect known to man that can counteract the tremendous power of the QSG black hole. With the field on it is safe to traverse between two QSG blackholes for instantaneous travel.

u4e tomahawk

The Tomahawk
(Summoning Command: u4et.tomahawk)
Weapon History:

This portable infantry weapon is the 22nd generation off spring of the old United State military weapon, the Tomahawk Cruise Missile. It is a surgical strike weapon designed for use by soldiers to take out both ground and aerial based targets within a 2 mile radius. It uses both lightweight alloys and anti-grav's to offset it's weigh. The user's hand rests inside the weapon's back end and weapon uses nerves within the hand to transmit HUD data from the gun directly into the user's brain. Much like the well-know Redeemer, this allows the user to pilot the missiles as though they were riding along!
Tactical Readout:

Primary Fire releases a gyroscopically controlled missile with a pop-up HUD that rises out of the launcher's body. Using the small window display it is possible to control the missile over long distances, although far harder then the first-person view. This launch method is usually used in relatively close quarters combat where standing still is not an option. Using primary fire you can wield the weapon much like a traditional rocket launcher, only with far more control. Hitting primary fire again will remotely detonate the missile in mid-air, allowing both great detonation control, as well as a quick way to ready the Tomahawk for a second launch.
Alt-Fire uses the neural link in the arm brace of the Tomahawk to transmit a full virtual environment of the current launched missile's location. During this time the user will be complete oblivious to the outside world well they fly along in their mind linked to the missile. This allows very accurate control over the missile's guidance system for very precise strikes against an opposing force. This also makes the user a great target for termination.

u4e shrinker

The Shrinker (Summoning Command: u4et.shrinker)

Weapon History:

This weapon was discovered early on during the exploration of the ravaged Skaarj homeworld. It uses two tanks of a very organically reactive gas compound formed mostly from hydrogen and helium. Attempts to synthesis this chemical have been successful, but usage outside of this weapon have provided fruitless. The front end of the weapon compresses and forces this gas through heat and magnetic pressure into a very formable weapon with some very unusual properties.

Tactical Readout:

Primary Fire shoots a stream of bubbles at high velocity. Well useless against most matter, when in contract with living tissue these gas bubbles quickly absorb into the tissue and act as a catalyst causing the nitrogen in the blood stream to bubble up. The swelling is quick and very lethal, causing much damage, and with enough of the gas, explosive decompression of all tissue in the body. The victim simply swells up like a balloon and pops!

Alt-Fire is where the gun gets it's name sake. The front section of the gun super-heats and ionizes the gas compound and blasts out the substance in a plasma fireball. Strange part is that the fireball doesn't actually burn anything, but instead makes the gas super-reactive to living tissue. When the fireball hit's a person, this plasma causes their tissue to loose dimensions on the atomic level, causing the person to shrink in size to about 1/12th their normal size. The effect, well very painful, isn't' usually lethal. The person's body though stays in a strange state of flux for about a minute afterwards. Any impact will cause the tissue to explosively swell, completely ripping the person apart. If they are kept from harm, the tissue swells back to it's normal size in a uniform manner and the person is returned to normal without harm. The experience does weaken the victim greatly though. The usage of energy weapons like the Freezer, well in this shrunken state, can also cause this explosive swelling, during to EMF fields surrounding said weapons.

u4e pipe

The Pipebomb (Summoning Command: u4et.pipebombs)

Weapon History:

Be it ever so humble, there's nothing like a pipebomb. These pipebombs are of a highly fragmentary alloy and are outfitted with long range remote transmitters. Still, the age-old pipebomb is basically the same. It's a stick of TNT inside of a metal case to annoy and rip apart your enemies. 20th century tech at it's finest!
These pipebombs are also outfitted with a disarm and retrieval system, allowing undetonated bombs to be retrieved for later use. Be careful when retrieving other people's pipebombs though, they may decide to set them off in your hands!

Tactical Readout:

Primary Fire is simply your arm throwing out the pipebomb. A HUD interface measures your arm strength to estimate the throwing distance.

Alt-Fire allows you to detonate the bombs remotely. The distance is virtually unlimited, even if your vision is not.

u4e spider

The Spiderbombs (Summoning Command: u4et.spiderbombs)

Weapon History:

Based on advanced micro-robotics research, the spiderbombs are basically a walking "Smart" grenade. Once released, they will track down the nearest warm body and blow the living snot out of it. They are also outfitted with a state of the art Friend or Foe system, so they don't attack your team mates during the battle.

Tactical Readout:

Primary Fire is you arming the Spiderbombs and dropping them on the ground. They have to be dropped at arm level to kick start their little brains, so you have to look straight forward or even slightly up to drop a working spiderbomb. Otherwise they will not have room to work.

Alt Fire triggers the remote detonation sequence for all currently active Spiderbombs the user has placed. Anybody within 5 feet with get a pipebomb style blast. Just make sure the little buggers haven't walked all the way back to your feet when you trigger this....

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Blade_Sword Author

Thank you, I did my best to make it like the original documentation and add missing pictures for the few weapons it features.
The text is unchanged and the links point to the proper linked pages :)

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