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Goes over the various changes in the Main Patch and Disc 2 Patch of the mod.

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-Play through warped versions of TS2's levels, where old threats and new enemies await gamers.
-7 altered story mode levels, each with their own bizarre scenarios. They are Chicago, Notre Dame, NeoTokyo, Wild West, Atom Smasher, Aztec Ruins, and Space Station.
-New guns, such as the rapid-fire TS1 Scifi-Gun and the blob-spewing Sminem shotgun.
-3 bonus Mapmaker story levels made to be compatible with this mod. They are Cyberden (original remake by RyanUKAus), Irradiated Vault, and R-107 Factory.

-A side mod for TS2 Remix that adds new weapons, enemies, and 3 modded levels to TimeSplitters 2.
-Siberia, Return to Planet X, and Robot Factory now have their own custom storylines and weapons.
-Different modded weapons than the main mod. This includes more outlandish guns, like the single-shot Donderbus, the powerful Dante's Repeater, and throwable grenades.
-Mapmaker turrets now fire shotgun shells. They shoot slower, but launch multiple pellets at once.

-The Mox Weapon now drops when the user is killed, and it can be picked up and used by the player. In the Disc 2 Patch, this is also the case in Return to Planet X.
-The Desert Eagle is a fully functioning gun in Arcade and Mapmaker story mode. It is a sidegrade to the Garrett Revolver that has a slightly smaller magazine but can zoom in on targets for more accurate shots. It can also be dual-wielded.
-Dam and Wild West are unlocked in Arcade mode. They can be played in Deathmatch modes, Flame Tag, and Virus.
-Mapmaker story levels can be played in co-op. Co-op versions of the 3 sample Mapmaker story maps (Porridge Bust, Zombie Lab, and Splitter Base) are included with the mod. The 3 bonus Mapmaker story levels made for the mod also support co-op.
-MapMaker spawn limits have been increased to 1000.
-Consultant is unlocked by default as a character.
-All hidden guns (Silenced Luger, Gun Powder, etc.) are unlocked by default.
-Gallery entries for almost every character have been changed.
-Enemies like the Sewer Zombie and Drone Splitter have new attacks in Story Mode.

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