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And many other unique features, units and improvements.The mod is currently under active development. If you have any ideas, feel free to write about them in the comments or in the developer's personal messages. All ideas that are unique or interesting will definitely be implemented in the upcoming update for Towal War

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Unique building with various upgrades


The university is accessible to every civilization.
- Characteristic
Wood - 300
Limit - 1
Available since the third age
With an improvement from the church - from the t2o age

- Improvements

- Standart
Four standard upgrades that are now available at the university instead of the church

- New order
Improvements that allow you to increase the settlement limit to 250 units.
1 1

- Army schools
Three improvements, from which you can choose only one. There are three types of schools :
" American Artillery School " - provides the opportunity to produce a unique unit " Machine Gun " in 
the artillery depot. Accelerates the production of artillery. Adds health, siege artillery attack.
"French Cavalry School" - provides an opportunity to produce a unique French Cuirassier unit in the stables.
 Litters the production of cavalry. Adds health, siege attack to cavalry units.
" Russian infantry school " or in the variation " German Army School " - acceleration of infantry production. 
Adding health and siege attack infantry army.
1 3

- Fortification
Allows your explorer to build forts.
1 4

- Total war
It gives you the opportunity to build unique structures for the production of infantry, tanks, airplanes
 and airships of the First World War.
1 5

- Natalia's Declaration
Increases the speed of preparation of settlers
1 6

- Industrialization
The unique "Engineer" unit will become available in the fourth epoch. With its help, 
it will be possible to build factories at an accelerated speed.Delivery - one factories
1 7

- Passport office
Increases the limit of settlers by a certain number.
1 8

- Science - first of all
Prices for all technologies are being reduced. Also, " Atheism" is established as a religion
 (similar mechanics in WoL). Delivery - two factories
1 9

- Radmir's reforms - 1
Provides an opportunity to build special unique early factories in the third age.
1 10

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