This is a list of tips that we have been putting together that relate directly to the mod. If anyone has any others please feel free to post them.

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  • Engineers placed in refineries will help you to repair Harvesters
  • Placing grenadiers in outposts will allow you to clear nearby garrisoned structures.
  • With Scrin being weaker on the ground but veterency requirements reduced, use corruptors to force fire (constant repair) on units like Tripods to keep them alive and get them ranked up. This is especially helpful if you cannot afford / build shields for them yet.
  • Coordinate special attacks with team mates to take out an enemy superweapon. For example; an orca strike and a vapor bomb will destroy a superweapon.
  • Use a cloaking field to hide from Ion storms or the scrins stasis shield to protect your buildings, or you can use the decoy ability to create decoys for the storm to attack.
  • Decoys are very useful in many ways. As mentioned you can use them as to defend against ion storms but you can also place them in front of your attacking force when they meet a large enemy force to draw fire away from your units. Also you can use decoys to scout the map as they will not get destroyed when they come across a defense or enemy unit.
  • Build outposts near tiberium spikes to gain the benefit of their repair drones.
  • Obvious, but if you’re playing as Scrin, stay in tiberium fields and harass from there so that your units rank up and auto repair / heal.
  • With stealth tanks you can attack a larger force then retreat (CTRL - D) and drop mines at the same time. If your opponent pursues they will hit the mines and you can then finish them off.
  • When playing as Nod against a well defended opponent make some Liquid Tiberium Trucks then use the stealth power to cloak them. Have an attack force (avatars, beam cannons, stealth tanks) cloaked ready to go in after the trucks. Use the trucks against defensive structures (they are much more effective against defensive structures than other structures) then follow them in with rest of your forces. If you have venoms, hold your beam cannons back and surgically take out key buildings.
  • EMP or Shockwave Arty a Scrin droneship before attacking it. This will shutdown it's ion storm while you attack as well as stop the ion storm from hanging around after the drone ship is destroyed.
  • You can infuse your weapons (as scrin) if you point the infuse icon at refineries
  • Because it is now easier to get units to rank up, keep an eye on front line units and repair them as much as possible and return them again to the frontline. This will help them reach the top rank and then they will look after themselves and serve you better.
  • Good Liquid Tiberium Truck counters; EMP spikes, mind control defenses.

Awesome tips!
One I like to use:
Playing as Nod, skip the hand of Nod and build some buggies and scorps, then cloak them ASAP. One instant map control force! Pay lots of attention to them :)

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