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The full original faction design document is released in this update. 

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The full original faction design document is released in this update. Do note that we are using some creative licence, and not everything is necessarily canon.

The Global Defense Initiative

After The Ascension conflict, the GDI lost a majority of their public support and funding, due to the systematic failure of the Sonic Tiberium Containment and Neutralization (STCN) program brokered by Kane.

The Alliance deteriorated once it was discovered that the true deal Kane made with GDI command was not just for building and protecting the STCN nodes, but in fact for using mutants as their power source.

Once the nodes were complete, it powered the Tower, and Kane and thousands of his closest followers left with him.

In discovering and uncovering Kane’s deal, GDI schismed, and martial law was declared over the remaining blue zones.

AS GDI once stood for honor, glory, justice and the defense of the “Free” world, they must now flex their atrophying muscles, and do the best they can to survive against the mounting ecological threat however they can, even if it means going against everything they have once stood for.”

Focused more on the ablation of Tiberium than ever before, they retained their western militaristic design, and are even more industrial looking. However, they have been forced to reduce development of a majority of their previous space aged technology for more utilitarian earthbound mechanisms.

Technologies used include Railguns, Sonics, firestorm, conventional munitions, Ion weaponry, hover & magnetics, shields, EMP, riot gear, and minor/ out of date space assets.

Their Doctrine is focused on sustainability and extreme siege fortifications Their ground forces are slow, yet are particularly outfitted for holding ground. Their areal forces are reinforced for transportation & supportive roles, in a combined arms form..

They no longer have the luxury, resources or desire of defending the world, as they were once a global military, they have now been forced to become no more than blue zone police forces.

This faction represents the old and failing military industrial complex that has sustained the modern, western world for so long. This is in addition to globalization, and the culture of individualism, personal glory, and competition. Going further, the GDI represents the struggle of the industrial and civilized world and its attempt to combat nature. The issue of natural resources, as well as political and nationalist isolationism can also be mentioned. As they fall, this faction also represents change in regards to the shift from individualism to collectivism, Hobes’ natural state of nature to Kant's categorical imperative, and the fall of order and the natural inevitability of order vs chaos. It can be thought of as a symbol of entropy.

The Brotherhood of Nod

As Nod’s leader Kane ascended with thousands of his closest followers, the mass remnants of The Brotherhood are fundamentally split into two camps. The 1st being those who were not invited to ascend with Kane, these individuals feel unworthy and depressed they were not chosen. On the other hand, there are those who were invited, but doubted Kane’s prophecy and plans, these individuals for whatever reason, were either unwilling or unable to make it to The Tower in time.

We explore the nature of organizations, faith based or otherwise, without the direct influence of their founder(s) or prophets. How do things work themselves out? How will the organization and individuals adjust to such a clear, definitive, and critical power vacuum? What is a religion without its idol?

Their design remain sleek, mobile, gothic, subterranean, and religious.

Focused on Tiberium advancement, as always, their Technologies revolve around using the crystal as weaponry and have further advanced Tiberium as power sources, catalyzed by recovered Scrin artifacts. They retain their traditional lasers, flames, stealth, and nuclear armaments.

Their Doctrine remains gorilla, as well as using covert ops. however, they are now more mobile than before, able to move vast distances swiftly.

Nod represents the power of social relationships, collective human action put to a single purpose, Religion and the community it gives, the meaning & power of faith, the power of combined church and state, the natural desire for man to express anger and violence. The psychology of man and what drives him. As well as the triumph of the human spirit and self actualization. [Eric]


Furthermore, the below article is very instrumental to an understanding of both GDI and Nod as written by the original authors: Particularly page 3.

“(‘a dangerous, virulent and inexplicably self-sustaining terrorist group’ -- Tiberium Wars intel database), which cogently implies that the Brotherhood has an understanding of the human heart as well as of human society which outright surpasses that of the modern social sciences, which, by comparison, are barely a century old. Since GDI from its part is for all intents and purposes the ultimate manifestation of that modern world, there is simply no question that if they prove unable to find a way to defeat Nod permanently, the Brotherhood will eventually establish itself as the manifest destiny of the human race and the very culmination of all its history.” (p.3)

The Scrin

The Scrin are an alien race that has both a biological and technological dependence on Tiberium.

Their technology & story heavily reflect this. 1st seen in the end of the 3rd Tiberium war, their original intentions were only to harvest Tiberium, and transport it off world for processing.

While on Earth, they uncovered evidence of premeditated detonation of liquid Tiberium, which attracted their harvesting forces. After their defeat, Scrin plan to invade the planet, as an act of revenge, and to finish what they started.

Their design encompass bio-mechanical infrastructure/insectoid, with an imposing nature.(Civilization level 3)

Some theories say that the harvesting force seen in TW are just avatars and mechanical creations of the Scrin, and aren’t the scrin themselves. The thing is this becomes largely irrelevant, since the machines of a species are often made in their own image.

Their technologies are space based, as well as those that manipulate time and space.They use plasma, and beam weaponry, as well as Tiberium on a dependent scale. They have extremely powerful ground and aerial forces, and can teleport, and mind control, physics manipulation.

As much of them is still a mystery, it’s hard to say what they represent, but from the little information known.,

“They represent dependence on a societal scale, to the vices of Tiberium as well as the dangers of a dictatorship” ~ Eric

Their doctrine is blitzkrieg, shock and awe.

“For those with drive, and for those who endure, they shall be bonded forevermore.”

For everyone here @ Tiberium Secrets: Jist

(Project Coordinator/producer, PR Lead, Lead Writer)

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

Doesn't really make sense to split the Nod splinter groups up along the lines of whether they were invited or not. The dividing line should be loyalty to Kane. The conditions making one unwilling versus unable are not going to result from being of the same mind.

By necessity, some of Kane's most loyal would need to stay behind to ensure safe passage for the chosen. He would need hand selected leaders to see the Brotherhood forward.

And of course many apostates, upon witnessing ascension from afar, would realize the truth and come back into the fold, rightfully penitent. Indeed, some of Kane's most fervent supporters in his absence will have been those that once believed him a false prophet and witnessed his prophecy unfold first hand.

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GeneralJist Author
GeneralJist - - 474 comments

This division is more of a state of mind than an actual faction/ sub faction division.
We will not have sub factions in this mod.
Sorry for the confusion.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Jafod - - 230 comments

Hello all!

This is Jafod, Head of the Writing Department. I would just like to say that this excerpt came from an older version of the GDD, which we are currently in the process of overhauling to be as clear and coherent as possible.

I would like to personally thank you all for your continued interest and support, and I can't wait for us to finish more content for ya'll to view.



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superfeatheryoshi - - 228 comments

"The Alliance deteriorated once it was discovered that the true deal Kane made with GDI command was not just for building and protecting the STCN nodes, but in fact for using mutants as their power source."

Wait... WHAT?! What kind of sense does that make? Since when are mutants a source of power?!

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Jafod - - 230 comments

Please refer to my previous comment about how the old GDD is being overhauled to ensure that it makes as much sense as possible. With regards to your question, it will be clarified in the revised version of the GDD.

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superfeatheryoshi - - 228 comments

"Thier Doctrine remains gorilla"
...Are you just trolling us now?

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