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How does PvP work in [TheWorld]? Are players mercilessly pitted together in a FFA PvP sandbox? Read-on to find out!

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The arena is an area where you can compete with other players, on an even playing field without risk. You will automatically be matched with other players. Levels are normalized in the arena, and you will be unable to bring any outside items, weapons, skills, or magic. Before entering the arena you will have the option of choosing a load-out of equipment, magic, and skills beforehand. These matches, and small weekly tournaments will be ranked, and consistently winning in the arena will get you access to special rewards and prizes. That said the arena is not restricted to 1 on 1 matches, the arena will have a variety of game types available.

Duels can be initiated anywhere in the game, by individuals, parties, or guilds. The requirements of which are agreed upon by both sides and can either be setup for fun, or setup with penalties & stakes.

No PvP can occur in these fields. At low levels most fields will be normal fields; the player will encounter more PvP fields the higher level they are. For a player at max level, the majority of fields at their level will be PvP fields.

PvP fields offer higher drop rates for rare items, and increased exp.Monsters on PvP fields provide a more challenging experience by utilizing more intelligent AI.

Aggressor - A player, that performs the initial attack on another player or party.
Victim - Non-aggressive player or party that has been attacked.

When a player becomes a victim in a PvP field:

  1. They drop some of their items/gold randomly.
  2. They receive the option of placing a bounty on the aggressor at the bounty hunter's guild.
  3. They will then be able to choose a punishment for the aggressor (exp loss, gold loss, item loss, etc..). The severity of which will be proportional to the loss of their loss. (They can also choose to levy a more severe punishment on the aggressor for a steeper fee)
  4. They then chooses a reward amount to give to anyone who successfully kills the aggressor.
  5. They will have the option of placing absolution requirements on the bounty.

Absolution requirements allow a victim to define the conditions (if any) a bounty can be lifted without the aggressor being killed and suffering a penalty. This may be a fee, an item(s), a message posted in chat, or something else entirely. If the aggressor choose to absolve, the reward will be returned to the issuing player.

Extremely low level players will not receive a penalty from being killed in a PvP field. But they will also not have the ability to place a bounty on the aggressor.

When an aggressor is killed by a player in a PvP field they will receive the cumulative punishment of any and all bounties associated with them. The attacking player will obtain any and all bounty rewards associated with the aggressor. Being killed by a monster will not cause any of the bounty penalties to be applied.

When a victim kills an aggressor, the aggressor does not receive an option to place a bounty on the victim.

Party PvP
When an aggressor attacks a victim in a party, all other non-aggressor party members are free to kill the aggressor without running the risk of becoming an aggressor or receiving a bounty. Allowing party members to defend each other in the event that one of them gets attacked or ambushed.

However when an aggressor is in a party, each party member must individually attack a victim to become aggressors themselves. This gives the aggressor's party members the opportunity to opt-out of the fight, and the risk of punishment themselves.

A list of active bounties will be available for all players to see at the bounty hunter's guild. Players can select specific bounties. Then utilize tools, magic, or skills to help gather information and locate the bountied player.

Bountied players will also have access to tools, magic, and skills that they can use to mitigate the effects of bounty hunters.


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