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This is a Fraction Coverage of the Terrans or the UNE.

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The United Nations of Earth was founded in 2112 during the colonization of the Moon. The UNE was the central goverment of the Sol System. In 2120 during the Joven Colonization Period, A Pirate organization known as the Ion Raider Force began raids among defencless Jupiter Transport Ships. The Discovery of Slipspace was a major discovery: In 2119 Phobes Research Corporation discovered the first Slipspace Jump Drive. In 2125, The Slipgate to Polaris was discovered, Begining the Inner Colonization Era. Polaris III and Polaris V was Colonized in 2132. Sirius and Cygnus colonized in 2139.

In 2140 the Deneb Gate was discovered starting the Outer Colonization Period. In 2145 Deneb III and Vega III were Colonized. Vega IV and Vega V were colonized in 2150. In 2168 Vega Mining Co. discovered a very valuable belt in Vega. The belt was then quickly mined and traded. In 2175, The Belt was no more and the Station became a Research Outpost for Kupiter Inc. In 2180 the UNE went into a Terrible Depression that lasted for 10 years. People thought that the Depression would lead to civil wars intill Kupiter Inc came up with a Powerful Freighter Desgin to help transport Resources and other supplies to the colonies. In 2205 the Deneb Incident occured. The Insurrection Rebels of Deneb captured a Blitz class crusier and used it to their own use againts Deneb Station. The Rebels were repeled but the rebellian never ended intill 2215.

In 2230, The Assembly requested the contruction of a Destroyer Vessel in January. Io Shipyards, Deneb Contruction Inc, Polaris Shipyards, Kupiter Inc, Jove Shipyards, and many other corporations came up with the UNED Terra desgin. The UNED Earth was completed in December, Just a few days before the Berlin Incident.

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