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The second versions weapon list. Big thank for the most of the weapon models for Lancelot333.

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The mod is contains a lot of weapon, so, lets start it!

  1. Aa12
  2. Ak101
  3. Ak47
  4. Amp69 rocket launcher (a real hungaricum)
  5. An94
  6. At4
  7. Steyer Aug
  8. Desert eagle
  9. F2000
  10. Famas
  11. Fn Fal
  12. G36
  13. The jaffa grenade
  14. M67 grenade
  15. M82 flash-bang
  16. Groza Oc 14
  17. L85
  18. L96
  19. Law
  20. M134
  21. M14
  22. M16
  23. M249
  24. M4
  25. M60
  26. M82
  27. M9
  28. Mac10
  29. Mp5
  30. P90
  31. An revolver
  32. Spas12
  33. Sr25
  34. The jaffa staff weapon
  35. Zar21
  36. Usp
  37. Uzi
  38. The goa'uld zat


Quite an arsenal i must say :) does the "Flash-bang" actually stun enemies?

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Attila1945 Author

Its hard to say but not.
I don't know how can I program it. Its just a a grenade with small damage.

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