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Some of the Features of The Road Apocalypse zombie game survival!

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Some of the features of The road Zombie apocalypse survival game, How long will you survive?
Explore the big terrain on foot or vehicles on the road to stay alive and hunt.

(Still updating) Some Features:

  • Parkour
  • Companions (DOG)
  • Hunger and Thirst System
  • Vehicles support
  • Lots of melee and ranged weapons (including bow and bat)
  • Ultimate survival
  • Post-apocalypse world
  • Hardcore
  • Beasts and wild animals ready to be hunted
  • Search for supplys,weapons and ammo
  • Day and Night Cylce
  • Customization
  • Inventory system
  • Citys to be explored
  • Explore the terrain in open-world first perosn on foot or vehicles.
  • And many many more

I really like the sound of there being Parkour, but please make sure you get the animation right on this! What sort of weapons are we going to see, the typical M4 for assualt rifle, .38 special for revolver and crowbar for melee or are you planning on having a vast array of conventional weapons and melee weapons? (Such as SA80a2, H&K 416, Katana etc..) I'm keeping an eye on this so please do everything you can to make this game great.

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Kumi Author

Thanks! yes, i am trying my best on this. i will put a video on my youtube channel and a update here soon showing some of the weapons.Also, I will put any types of weapons like M4, crossbows, bow, baseball bat, machete etc.

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