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Race Summary of the Imperial Navy race, including units.

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The Imperial Navy is one of the vital parts of the Imperium of Man. Its vast starships patrol the space between systems, protecting them against threats both outside and in. It protects trade links, blockades rebellious systems and leads the charge against invading forces. At its charge are vast warships capable of unthinkable destruction, carriers bristling with gunships and bombers and countless support vessels.


In game terms, this translates to a force that often will outgun its opponents. The Imperial ships are tough, well armed and armoured, capable of holding their own against anything. However, this comes at a cost. They have a high upkeep and frequent support is needed. Their cruisers rely on broadsides and can often be outmaneuvered by opposing vessels. Clever vessel placement and movement is needed to keep them in the fight. They are also capable of strong defences, with minefields and orbital gun platforms able to defend outposts and stations.


Fleet Auxillary Siter

This vessel sites the Imperial Navy's stations for deployment, setting a beacon where they then are sent through the Warp. Unarmed and lightly armoured, this is not a combat unit.

Cobra Destroyer

The smallest combat vessel of the Imperial Navy, this vessel is useful for recon and capturing orbital stations early in the game. In the later tiers, its role changes to a fast hitting raider unit, useful for engaging isolated capital ships and protecting outposts.

Sword Class Frigate

A small ship of the line, this vessel is useful for fast defensive operations against small fleets. Armed with weapon batteries and with good maneuverability, this ship is perfect when twinned with its sister ship the Firestorm. In later tiers it is best served alongside Capital Ships where it can engage any smaller vessels.

Firestorm Class Frigate

Much like the Sword, this is a small lineship with one difference - its powerful forward mounting lance battery, which allows it to take on mid sized capital ships with ease, proving itself useful alongside the Sword.

Dauntless Light Cruiser

Cheap and well armed, the Dauntless is a useful combatant against smaller capital ships and escorts. It has the lowest upkeep value of the Imperial ships, meaning it can hold itself in combat the longest without resupply - making this ship useful for roaming and recon.

Dictator Class Cruiser

A carrier, this vessel is best used as a supporting vessel, held back from the line to defend supporting ships with its ability to deploy attack craft and bombers.

Gothic Class Cruiser

Potent with its heavy lance batteries, this vessel operates fantastically when alongside other Imperial Vessels such as the Tyrant, where it can quickly take down opposing ships of any size. Alone, the ship simply cannot hit other ships fast enough to deal the damage needed.

Dominator Class Cruiser

This vessel is a fairly standard cruiser, except for its immensely powerful nova cannon mounted on the prow. Useful as a long range strike vessel against larger capital ships.

Tyrant Class Cruiser

This vessel has the most powerful weapon batteries of any Imperial cruiser. In close quarters it is nearly unmatched with its potential to rapidly destroy any opposing vessel. Alternatively, the weapon batteries can be upgraded to an even greater range.

Lunar Class Cruiser

Well balanced, this ship has both lance and weapons batteries. Most importantly - it holds both a low upkeep and a low cost, allowing it to be quickly mustered and used as the mainstay within a fleet.

Overlord Class Battlecruiser

Limited, this vessel makes up for it with the firepower of a battleship. This vessel should serve as a lynchpin of fleets, acting alongside other cruisers and leading a thrust.

Mars Class Battlecruiser

This cruiser serves as the opposite of the Mars Class, while both comparable in size and armour, the Mars Class acts as a long range support vessel, deploying attack craft and using the immense range of its lance batteries and nova cannon to engage the enemy afar.

Retribution Class Battleship

Immensely powerful in close range, no opposing vessel can withstand the power of its weapon batteries. Use it in the final stages of battle, where its massive size and batteries can quickly overwhelm remaining vessels.

Emperor Class Battleship

The Flagship of the Fleet, this vessel is best used as far away from the front line as possible. Carrying immense sensor probes that increase the leadership of surrounding vessels, this ship holds your fleet together.

Utility Ships:

These ships, a mixed bunch of carriers, fuel tankers and troop transports are essential in keeping your fleet together. Use them when a ship has nearly lost its Upkeep Rating, where they quickly recharge it so the warship can return to the fight.


A good selection, that should allow for a great array of tactics to be used and a dynamic game play collection to use given the enemies tactics. :)

Well done. :)

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