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A description of all the update revisions for the main game The Greek Wars.

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Version history:
TGW 1.01 (11-10-2011)

- Fixed some typos in unit descriptions
- Properly implemented new quotes
- Added historical events
- Fixed victory/defeat text for all factions
- Gave more fitting colours to diplomats, spies and assassins for Macedon, Phocis, Akarnania and Locris
- Added “Oracle of Delphoi” as a wonder of the world
- Added “Oracle Treasures” as a building in Delphoi, for great plunder!
- Replaced misplaced Macaria region with “Arkadike Kynouria”
- Changed splash screen
- Increased recruitment time for royal hypaspists to what was intended

TGW 1.0 (25-9-2011)

- Map expanded to include northern Greece
- 8 new factions added
- Faction descriptions, quotes etc. changed to make the game fully historical
- Various changes, too numerous to recall in detail

TGW 0.98b (8-1-2010)

- Reverted to training times of v0.97 (optional version of patch 0.98a)

TGW 0.98a (18-11-2009)

- All unit and building costs rebalanced
- All unit stats rebalanced
- Formations changed
- Battle movement modifiers decreased
- Implemented zero training time for all units

TGW 0.97 (17-9-2009)

- Fixed spies and assassins for Sparta.
- Fixed victory conditions.
- Fixed some spelling errors and the text for Cretan archers.
- Changed javelinman cost in campaign map and allowed militia hoplites to be recruited by lowest level barracks.
- Fixed erroneous UI info cards for Spartan javelinmen and slingers.
- Fixed misplaced UI info cards for mercenary units.
- Fixed missing text for Argive temples and theatres.
- Increased Achaian campaign survivability and Corinthian population.
- Added Prometheus cities.
- Added "Diolkos" special building to Corinth.
- Fixed 12 turns per year script, by making only one "winter" month per year.

TGW 0.95 (8-3-2009)

- Fixed bug in script that made characters age one year per turn for the first few turns.
- Fixed bug in script that caused it to terminate ten years too early.
- Fixed bug that would cause a CTD when a Megaran settlement was assaulted.
- Fixed some typos in campaign descriptions.
- Fixed Olympian wonder (it did not appear in the game)
- Changed unit stats – generals’ bodyguards have been particularly nerfed, and they are set to act as missile cavalry, out of harm’s way.
- Added local place names as surnames for characters. Changed name structure, as a result.
- Added some missing unit descriptions.
- Added victory and defeat texts, and gave the greek outro to all factions.
- Changed faction AI behaviours.
- Changed starting faction relations.
- Changed some building costs.
- Changed recruitment times.
- Changed starting armies and funds.

TGW 0.9 (28-2-2009)

- First release; beta

The Defenestrated Assembly:
Seleukos of Olympia,
Ragimund Von Wallat,
Sean Cappone,
Alexius 17,
Sipahi (oftheporte),
Knight of Cydonia (Kasey),
and all the rest of the DEF who helped out with their encouragements

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