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As we started creating our game, we present the short description of the story.

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The nation of Medonia. A land where those borne with a unique substance known as Silverate in their blood possess strange and frightening powers. For hundreds of years, a sacred order known as The Silverate Knights has taken all those with Silverate blood and trained them to serve as the guardians and defenders of the land and its people. protecting them from threats and preserving the status quo.

Luke is a young Silverate Knight just out of the academy. Together with his childhood friends, he goes onto the field to protect the nation and its inhabitants. But as he begins to see the state of the world outside of the confining teachings of those who raised him, will he continue to follow the only way to understand the world that he has ever known?

So the main characters all belong to an ancient order that rounds up young kids showing magical abilities and indoctrinated them into their order. The Silvrate Order is tied directly to the aristocracy of the Empire, essentially acting as a police force to keep peasants from revolting.

You play as a young knight, fresh out of the Silvrate Academy and beginning his first missions with his childhood friends. As with all Knights, he is fiercely loyal to the Order. However, over time he begins to see the evils they are doing and eventually turns against them

But he is not a paragon of virtue. When he betrays the established order, he begins seeing darkness creep in, and why the Order was partially necessary. For it not only kept the peace but also helped reign in people with magical abilities, who are essentially living weapons. I'm trying to get that both sides are wrong in their own ways and right in their own ways, and it tears the country apart- along with the main characters ties, as he clashes with and even kills some of his old friends. In the end, there might not be a happy ending, just the destruction caused by a war of ideals

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