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What you can see and play in this Mod. It will be a long term work.

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War of Powers is a RA3 mod with a fictional background depicting outbreak of the Cold War. WoP involves great amount of real world units and tactics, while the mod itself also concentrates on overall balancing. The mod would definitely bring players with unique gaming experience different from what they can receive from the original RA3. The background setting is still an alternate history but much closer to the Generals Universe rather than the Red Alert Universe.

In this game, it keeps the RA3 three main factions: Soviet Union, United States of America and Empire of the Rising Sun(Japan),but showed in a realistic version. There will be more specialized unit roles, more detailed weapon differences, and more realistic battle settings. In the future versions, the sub-factions will be introduced. China, Yugoslavia, Korea, Thailand, Great Britain and other Commonwealth countries, Israel, Eurocorps includes France, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia countries, and the United Arab Republics which failed in the real history.

This mod have three characteristics that totally different from the Red Alert 3 gameplay. The first one is the secondary economy system which brings more money to you after specific upgrades. NO OUT OF ORE/MONEY MATTER IN RA3 ANYMORE!!!Secondly, basic Infantry like Rifleman and RPG Trooper will not be deployed in barracks. They will be contained in armoured personal carriers when they come out of war factories. Either, they can be deployed by the squad leader’s special ability and follow the order of squad leader. The last big change is the top secret protocols. They are not providing support powers and tech upgrade anymore. Instead, they provide experience upgrade like battle academy and unlock special units like what C&C:Generals did. The support powers like recon scan and airstrike will be deployed by tech and production buildings as same as C&C3 and KW. You can upgrade its power levels in the production menus.

Soviet battle in Europe

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