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The most deadly weapon in the kitchen, now featuring Active Reload.

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To add extra depth to the standard bomberman gameplay, alongside the capture the cake feature, we decided to implement a secondary weapon that the player can use to attack their opponents - The Flying Saucepan!

To take this a step further, more skilled players can use an active reload system to enhance the weapon. Based on the ‘Gears of War - Active Reload the player can attempt to reload the weapon faster or get a Super Flying Saucepan that contains an explosive chili.

The handle of the saucepan rotates as it’s reloading and can be stopped in the various areas:

Red - Failed/Jammed
Yellow - Fast Reload
Green - Fast Reload and Explosive chili

On placing the Saucepan there is an initial 'charge' time after which it fires at the closest enemy/opponent it has line of sight to. If it's got a chili in it the saucepan explodes on impact creating an explosion around the impact point.

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