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The Elder Scrolls TW is one of the most favourite mods used for hotseating on TWC. Would you like to join the fray?

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"As a solo player, you had it easy. You blitzed the AI. You turtled against the AI. You conquered your computer opponents in every conceivable fashion. When endless stacks marched against you, you directed your forces on the battlefield and personally left the ground littered with enemy corpses. You came, you played, you conquered.

Now, a new challenge awaits you.

Enter a world of chaos and intrigue, of wonder and death. Only the clever among you will survive here, in this tumultuous land where every decision could lead to glorious victory…or utter destruction. It is not enough to be a great tactician. You must learn every aspect of military strategy, from the grandest of concepts to the minutest of details. Armies must be moved wisely, agents trained and deployed, diplomacy carefully cultivated. Your economy must be a golden industry, driving your empire to impossible heights. Through it all, you test your mettle against living, breathing humans, opponents with their own dreams and ambitions. Do you hold to honor and expect your allies to do the same? Or are you a knife in the dark, plunging into the backs of those who least expect it?

The choices are yours. All you need to do is join. Join a Hotseat Campaign. Experience Total War at its most breathtaking, and embrace the intricacies which capture men’s souls…or drive them mad.

Your destiny awaits you. Do you have the courage to claim it?"

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The Elder Scrolls has quickly became one of the most popular mods used in hotseats. There are many interesting TES hotseats projects going on, dont hesitate to participate if you are interested!

If you wish to play TES hotseats, post here or contact me. Ill help you to get started and find a suitable spot.

All hotseats are hosted HERE.

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