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In vanilla Jade Empire you are rather limited in your combat options. Partly because you can only acquire a fraction of the game's combat styles and partly because you do not get enough style points to level up the small number of styles that you do get. If you're the sort of person who likes to experiment and always wonders "But what if?" then vanilla Jade Empire feels a bit restrictive...

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Learning Styles

But if you want to have more styles to choose from, how do you give the player access to them? In my mod you can learn new styles from the enemies who use them. Simple as that. If you manage to stand your ground against an unknown style, a special store will pop up right after the combat round, that will offer you that style at a tenth of its regular price. Whether you do or do not get the chance to visit the style store, depends on how much damage you take. Take no damage at all and a visit to the style store is guaranteed. Take a small amount of damage and you may - with a bit of luck - visit the store after all. The more damage you take, the more luck you will need

Upgrading Styles

But what good are more styles, if you cannot level up more of them? I didn't double the game's list of accessible styles, to torture players! So I also added a new mechanism for upgrading styles. In vanilla Jade Empire you get the required style points for free. Not so in my mod. In my mod you have to fight not only for new styles, but also for the points to level them. The same principle as previously applies: How well you stand your ground, decides how many points you will get. The amount of style points depends on the difficulty of the opponent and how much health they leave you.

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