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Briefly talk about how the campaign will function and what features it will include at this early stage of the game. [This might change during development]

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Let's start off with the goal of the campaign which is to gather support for your cause and eliminate any threats towards the revolution. How to do achieve the goal during the campaign is by converting, assassinating or by other means like bribing politicians/officials. They have large amounts of influence and they are important to keep alive.

There will be one or a few officials each map (Your officials will also wander the map). Which are found strolling around the map or in certain areas. There are also different officials, military and economy are two examples of this. They boost and legitimize your revolution, without them you will stay a ragtag band of terrorists instead of freedom fighters.

With your officials also walking around the map, they might have to be protected if in danger. They won't be attacked on sight, but if the enemy choose to try and kill them off. They will spawn in areas that aren't directly accessible to the enemy however.


The country consists of a few states and will have missions in them.

Which will be located with a dot like the screenshot.


Now onto Units. The troops you control during missions are not infinite. If a soldier die, they are lost. The game won't feature a build system. Instead you gain new soldiers during missions by finding them, converting a military official or purchasing them from a black market (which can found in places on the map, if found). Also by taking a favor from an official which will consume the official.

Map   2

Unit Rebel Fire 0049Unit Anarchist Attack 0034

The rebel on the left & the arsonist on the right. Two of the units that you will control. The rebel being a late campaign unit and the arsonist the earliest. With strengths and weaknesses. What is important is to utilize those attributes to your advantage. The arsonist being weak against bullets, since his low range and slow attack he can easily be countered. However with a unit that can take a few shots infront and arsonists behind. You suddenly have the upper advantage.

Unit PoliceOfficer Walk 0031Unit PoliceSpotter Idle 0009

The police officer to the left and the PFD spotter to the right. The two first governmental units that you will have to face. The spotters are devious, they look for your soldiers and if they find you they will send attack groups your way.

Map   MissionMarker


Lastly the resources. Which at this point is only money and with this currency you can purchase new troops at the black market, bribe officials in joining your cause and get the upper advantage. However money is at first only gathered by robbing banks with the Bank Robber unit. They have to survive the mission for you to gain that money. Or they can be sent to an official with money to bribe them. So keeping them alive is a good idea.

That is all for now, more updates on these features and gameplay videos showing the features talked about in this article. Hope you enjoy the reading.

Good luck Commander...


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