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What’s the deal? Depending on the number of Watchers on Dec. 24th, we give away several selected highlights from our past and present work. Free, no strings attached.

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Homegrown Games did never believe in “Copy Protection Measures” to ensure good sales, we believe in “Try before you buy”. That does NOT mean you can pirate our games and decide later if you want to pay (although we had several cases of gamers playing a torrented “Anderson” sending us money, and we appreciate every single one who did that). We believe it`s a good idea to make the playable demos AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE.

In Anderson, we gave away the first 3 Chapters, counting for 20% of the game, including Intro and the first heavyweight filmed Cutscene after Level 3.

In Painkiller Resurrection, we gave away 2 of the 6 worlds the game was built of in 2 different demo versions (although the first one had severe flaws).

Having talked to my team, I can now announce that we will prolong this tradition and even top it – to provide YOU with as much gaming fun as possible – for free, but not without asking for something in exchange.

The 500+ Challenge !

1. If we have more than 500 Watchers on December 24th, we will release a free Vertical Slice Demo of Level 4, that contains ALL the final game will have there in 99% final quality.

As this is one of the most creative, bizarre and unusual levels, you will have quite some fun with it. This is not INSTEAD of a pre-release demo, but in addition to it!

2. If we have more than 1000 Watchers on December 24th, we will release a free Vertical Slice Demo of Level 4 + 5, providing you with some of the most sophisticated interiors in the whole game and hours of pure madness gameplay.

3. If we have more than 1500 Watchers on December 24th, we will release a free Vertical Slice Demo of Level 4 + 5, and we will release the FULL version of our digital trading card game

“Tales of Heroes & Warriors”
for free*)!

4. If we have more than 2000 Watchers, I will re-up special versions of both the Anderson and the Painkiller Resurrection Demo in addition to that.

5. If we have more than 2500 Watchers, all of the stuff above will be accompanied by a library of 20 different indoor textures, all in 1024*1024 tileable DDS format with custom-made Normal, Specular and Illumination Maps with roy-free license to be used in any of YOUR games.

(4 and 5 seem a little bit unlikely, but who knows...)

So go out and spread the word in order to get the MAX out of our X-mas Challenge!
Share links, invite friends, flood your facebook profile, report on your blog or write articles. We don´t care how we get there if the goal is achieved.


*) Alright, as some of you may know, we had several shipped games in the past (even worldwide releases under major labels), and got screwed heavily. There were also 3rd party projects for Iphone / Ipad e.t.c. But in addition to that, we have also made several smaller or unusual games that were never published or went to archive for one or another reason. “Tales of Heroes and Warriors” was a contracted Job for an Austrian game investor who failed to allocate the funds for the project. As compensation for our hard work up to the point he had to bail out, the IP was transferred to us. The game is quite simple and casual, the multiplayer mode we intended to include some day was never started, but it`s still 100% functional and full. And Fun.

The game features Dozens of Trading Cards created exclusively for this one by the famous Fantasy Artist Peter Siedl and a quite cool soundtrack.

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Doing the same!

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sounds good to me

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me gusta!

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Tracking +1
Is a counter aviable? (or am i just too stupid to find it? :D )
EDIT: found it.

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