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If you have looked at the new features of the 1st edition, then you have known nothing about our mod,,, after i reached this 4th edition, the game has changed a lot, here are the features:

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Possibly, if you viewed or even played gudji mod or gudji mod 2nd edition, then your native experience has not differed a lot.

the new edition of my mod, the IV edition known as the 122 mod, adds to warband a bunch of new things

as for textures, you would play on an HD map, with lots of new banners

as for troops, my mod is greatly awesome if we come to troops

the troop trees are much more expanded, they are somehow full BY NOW, and a variety of troops is available for each empire, from archers to crossbowmen to horsemen.

pregame menus have been modified

farmers and looters now can ride horses!

firearms are now a visible skill

troop wages modified(since in my older editions they were terrible)

modified settlements' locations according to the pregame faction relations i have modified

many other minor things also have been changed i really don't remember i changed many many things

note a couple of things:

this is not a great mod, i am working on it alone and my software and equipment are not that professional and available

note that when choosing female the pregame menus might go bad but this will NOT affect anything in game

i am happy to ensure you a bug free mod 100% and if any bugs found please report that to me

i thank those who have provided some banner packs...and of course most of the banners were my own creation

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