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Hello all, we have just released our update to the Terrible Beast from the East. It contains new Invasions, new Items, a whole new crafting merchant and more!

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Hello Folks,

Logan here with Oneshark and we have been hard at work with our new MMORPG the Terrible Beast from the East!

We have just released v0.5.0 and it includes the following awesome content updates:

  • James Mason Crafting Expert
  • The First Siege Invasion
  • The First Siege Invasion (hard)
  • The Road of Dreams
  • dozens of new craftable items/equipment
  • New Bow and Onehander tricks (you'll have to see for yourself)
  • New Crown Shop Item Mall! (for premium currency outfits and content)

This release celebrates the higher level player and the lower level players alike because the new stance additions will be greatly useful to those just starting out with the most basic weapon types. You can now hang in there longer with a one handed wooden sword in your early levels!

Here's some gameplay footage including our new content!

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