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Infomation on the AWACS Corvette "Oculus", how it works, and AWACS in general and how it works. By Elite222

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Name: UTA Oculus
Class: Heavy Recon Corvette
Role: AWACS Support
Contractors: TIA (Terran Intelligence Agency), Yugara Computer Systems, Deneb Shipyards
Declassified Infomation:
The UTA Oculus is the TIA's attempt to develop a AWACS warship capable of detecting stealth ships, increasing sensor range in the nebula region, and doing indirect system wide scans for important minerals or finding large warships on the run. The Oculus was developed late after the end of the colonization era to assist nitrogen or hydrogen miners in the Crab Nebula look out for Taiidani Pirate Clans lurking around in the nebula. The Oculus is equipt with a reflective nitrogen crystal compound mined off of Altair IX. This reflective compound helps expand sensor range expendaly and allows a more accurate indirect system wide scan. This reflective compound also boosts sensor's effectiveness in the nebula region.

AWACS: AWACS or Advanced Warning and Control Systems is not new age technology but simply adapted upon from 21st centuary warfare. New age AWACS systems use more powerful sensor dishes such as the TRI-DISH system used on the Oculus.

Oculus' features :
Indirect system scan
Sensor range increase in the nebula
ECM (Electronic Warfare)
Communications Jamming

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