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A sequel to a short overview of some of the Stunts you will be able to perform in Killing, My Friend with bonus features like Enhanced Movement and Player Interaction getting their own overview.

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Hello again, Dwayne Douglass here again, Lead designer on Killing, My Friend. Here’s a continuation of the Stunts Features post I did a little while ago. And a look at some of the other elements to Killing, My Friend like Enhanced Movement, which are similar to but not really stunts and Player Interactions that are part of the cooperative gameplay.

First off, Stunts: The Sequel
Wall Jump: The Wall Jump allows a player to jump towards a wall, press the jump key again and perform a second jump off the wall. This will get the player higher in the air and automatically turns them around, reflecting off the surface. This allows the player to jump over oncoming enemies, reach elevated terrain and can also be chained into a Dive to use the added height to propel the Dive further than would normally be possible.The Wall Jump is performed by tapping jump and then tapping jump again near a wall while moving toward the wall.

Jump Kick: The Jump Kick is the standard melee attack in KMF. Similar to melee attacks in other FPS games like knife stabs or slashes or using the butt of a rifle without switching weapons.Unlike other FPS, the Jump Kick is not an auto-kill attack. It does a fair amount of damage but not enough to kill in one shot.Jump Kicks do however cause a slight amount of knock-back. This can come in handy if you are on a roof or near a ledge and knock an enemy to their doom with a well-placed Jump Kick. Also, a successful Jump Kick to the front of a player has the added bonus of being able to disarm them of their held weapon and forces them to auto-draw their sidearm. If they are sporting dual pistols, one is kicked from their hand and it reverts to a single sidearm. And because they are considered Stunts, kills accomplished with the Jump Kick affect the score multiplier and can be chained in as part of a combo. The Jump Kick is performed by tapping the Melee key.

So a combo using both the Wall Jump and the Jump Kick might look something like this: Imagine you are being chased by a group of three bad guys and they have you corned in a dead-end. Run towards the end of the dead end wall, tap Jump and then tap Jump again.Then tap the Stunt key, then tap Crouch, then tap the Stunt key again, then tap the Crouch key and then lastly the Melee key.

This would cause you to run towards the wall at the dead end, away from your pursuers.At the wall, you’d jump up and then jump again and kick off the wall doubling the height of your jump and then Dive back towards the bad guys. Upon landing you would roll to standing and then Jump Kick.

Enhanced Movement - These allow the player to have a little more freedom of movement than running and jumping can provide.

Climbing: Climbing allows the player to jump up and climb ledges that are well above the height that can be jumped up to. Climbing is performed by standing next to and below the ledge and holding the jump key while stationary.

Cooperative Player Interaction – There a few different ways that players can interact with each other during a Co-Op or Team Deathmatch game. Player interactions involve rescuing other players from hostage situations, helping to revive other players if they are wounded, sharing ammunition, and more.

Share Ammunition: In Killing, My Friend ammunition can be scarce. A player can throw a few clips or box of ammo to another players at any time. This can be handy as the player may find that they run out of ammunition at a critical moment and are not in a position to reach any on their own.

Rescue: When a player is wounded, they are knocked down and cannot use any weapon other than a sidearm and must do a slow, wounded crawl to the safety of cover to bandage themselves and get back into the game. A timer starts and the player has a limited time to get to cover to bandage before they are ‘killed’ and knocked out of the game. A healthy player can help a wounded player revive by physically helping them to get to cover quicker by picking them up, putting their arm over their shoulder and leading them to a safe zone to bandage their wounds. Once slung over the shoulder of the other player, the wounded player cannot control their movement. Both players can aim and shoot their sidearms though while player movement is controlled by the healthy player. Once deposited in the safe zone, the wounded player can then bandage their wounds and get back into the fight.

Ok, that just about wraps up another Features preview.

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this is the perfect game :D

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