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STORY IS ONLY A STORY!!!Nothing to do with any background!

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*I have nothing against the countries in the Story. Concept is only a concept1998 ;MEC was founded
1999 Jan; Russia and MEC become alliance
1999 May; MEC,US and Russia become alliance
2000 ;Chechen Terror on Russian soldiers
2001 ;USMC attacks on Iraq because of Insurgents
2002 Feb; USMC friendly fire on 103 MEC soldiers
2002 Mar ;MEC declares war to US, Alliance breaks
2002 Dec ;British and US become alliance
2003 Jan ;British SAS attacks Oman,Saudiarabia.
2003 Dec ;China attacks Pentagon with Virus
2004 Apr ;USMC attacks China
2004 May ;SAS attacks southern China
2004 Jun ;N.Korean soldiers attack SAS in southern China
2004 Jul ;S.Korean Spec Ops attack N.Korean soldiers in China to help SAS
2004 Dec ;S.Korea-N.Korea retreat from China
2005 Jan ;SAS retreat from China
2005 Aug ;USMC China War ends
2007 Mar ;MEC USMC War ends
2008 Jun ;Chechen-Russia War ends
2010 Apr ;MEC Terror on USMC Base
2010 May ;2nd MEC US War
2011 Sep ;Russia attacks western America,Alaska, 2nd MEC US War ends
2012 Mar ;Total US in War

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**** story, sorry man, but really childish. One kilsl another, breaks alliance so world is in war. Dude, there have been many friendly casualties last decade, and no global war has started.

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