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This is the concept of how the Gamemode will work, enjoy!

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Dev Blog: Original Concept
By Slavik

Here I will introduce you to the concept idea of Starcraft Roleplay on garrys mod, how we intend to make it work, and where we aim to go in the future. If you have any questions please read through this topic to see if I already answer some of them. If you still have unanswered questions afterwards then feel free to post!

Idea Concepts

    The roleplay will revolve around the RPers ability to keep (re-)capturing and keeping control of control and mining fascility points for resources and defence of their main base. To do this, certain RPers will be able to deploy defensive structures around these outposts and such (more info on that below).

    Zerg 'wave' attacks will happen automatically from time to time in an attempt to 'overrun' outposts, mining fascilities and main base if the outposts have already fallen. Admins have the ability to make a zerg 'wave' attack a zerg 'swarm' attack which will drastically increase the amount of zerg attacking for a more intense atmosphere for events and such.

    Terrans will initially be able to roleplay as marines, firebats, ghosts, medics and SCVs. They will however start of as a civlian who requires training in the field they want. Sub factions will be created for the terrans to forfill various roles and permit for additional internal terran roleplay. There will be a command structure in place for the terrans so that RPers can go up the ranks. Ghost psychic/telepathic abilities will be banned due to the meta/power gaming problems that will bring. Both medics and SCVs will be unarmed although both have important purposes. Medics have the ability to heal and revive fallen comrades within a certain amount of time, SCVs can build defences and gather resources at a faster rate in larger quantities than other terrans. They are also needed to gain control over an outpost or mining fascility, therefore SCV and medic defence is essential. Marines using a burst gauss rifle are the mid-short range foot soldiers, firebats using two flame throwers (one attached to each arm) are effective at close quarters comat only, and ghosts using a powerful single shot snipers rifle are effective at long range combat only (ghosts can also cloak as well).

    There will only be 3 types of Zerg to begin with, those being the zerglings, hydralisks and mutalisks.

    Terran defence buildings will mainly consist of bunkers for infantry and missile turrets to start with. Defences can only be built in a certain radius around an outpost. As soon as an outpost is overrun/lost what remaining defence buildings are automatically destroyed.

    When the protoss are finally added, there will be around 3 or 4 types of protoss at the most, those most likely being the Probe, Zealot, Templar, High Templar and Archon. The dragoon MAY be added at a later date but at the moment it is not planned. The protoss's introduction will allow both protoss and terrans to work together or against each other and allow for conflicts over resources and such to occur, as well as additional roleplay possibilities. The protoss individually will be more powerful than their terran counterparts and so they will not be as numerous. The protoss will have their own chain of command and sub factions for various purposes.

Version Concepts

    Version 1 - of the gamemode will not include the protoss, more info will be provided later on this. We will see 5 Terran Infantry types and only 3 zerg types to start with. There will never be any vehicles although the Terran Goliath MAY or MAY NOT make an appearance later on although no promises there. Zerg will ALWAYS be NPCs, there is no point giving a DM only faction to players. In the first version we aim to have all the basics inplace, including outpost and resource mining control to gain resources (minerals and vespene gas) for building defences around these important 'control points'. Zerg NPCs will be randomly spawned in wave attacks to attack all or some of the outposts. Terrans will be able to mine minerals and vespene themselves for additional resources. Zergs can overrun mining fascilities as well which will stop the small income of resources until recaptured by the terrans.

    Version 1.5 - of the gamemode will still not include the protoss. The terrans will be expanded internally to allow for more internal roleplay (E.g. possibility of rebel factions as seen in starcraft). The 'control point' economy will be expanded to provide three different types of resources. Minerals, Vespene Gas and Combat Points. Minerals and Vespene gas are provided from mining fascilities points (of which only 1 will exsist), and combat points from outposts. Minerals and Vespene gas go towards the construction of premade defence buildings for outposts and such. Vespene Gas and Combat Points go towards player upgrades (more damage, range, armour (etc), 3 upgrades max providing a total of 30% boost), therefore expect the mining fascilities to be more of a target due to vespene gas production.
    Alongside this, map will be expanded to include two zerg hives with automated defences that can be destroyed and will respawn later on. This will provide additional roleplay event possibilities. Rambo'ers certain to die, since all zerg wave attacks will originate from the hives.

    Version 2.0 - of the gamemode will finally see the protoss! They will be a playable faction (not as numerous though as their terran counter parts but more powerful). Protoss will need to use the same control point economy as the terrans. This therefore provides RP possibilities into ocassional wars between terrans and protoss as well as peace treaties and co-operation via the sharing of the outposts and mining fascillities.
    Outposts will become essential for first and last lines of defence between zerg and terran/protoss main bases. An additional mining fascility will be added to the map for the protoss, mining fascilities will be fully capturable so defence is important! Around four Zerg hives will exist (all destroyable), which will randomly generate attacks on outposts and mainbases if no outposts remain. Two zerg hives will launch attacks at the Terran base, and vice versa with the oher two zerg hives wih the protoss.

    Version 2.5 - of the gamemode will see some additional choices in both terran and protoss (E.g. possible goliath for terrans) as well as multiple maps being made, more uses for the economy, and so on and so forth.

I'd like to point out that nothing here is set in stone and some of it is most certainly going to change between now and the time the first version of the gamemode is up and running.

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