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The FAQ, to provide you with the latest info on the mod and its Core, how it really works.

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Hey, the "Flesh's Eye" and other mutant parts are Auto-used, is this normal?
Yes, as you can eat mutant parts. its a survival feature :) but they do give radiation. The game will recognise the mutant part as "med kit" because it supplies a small amount of health to the player.

Why is my Screen Spinning After Sleeping?
Its a engine bug, the animation gets played too fast. I did not find a solution to that, yet.

When and Where Do Recruits Spawn in Newly Entered Territories?

Its mostly not more then a min or 2 :D it cant be scripted, the game just needs to load the spawn and bio data of the Characters, so if you have, like me, now, 45 squadmates, it takes a while.

Bes Only Gives Cash for Reward

Yes, only cash.

Are my Recruits Picking Up Better or (new)Weapons? I dont see them use the newer weapon?

Yes, they do still use the old weapons, because they got spare ammo for it, once a fight is over and they are in "rest" or in game, No-combat mode, i believe, they reload the new weapon. at least, i've seen a novice pick up an ak, and immediately used it :)

What happens to one's recruits after they've been dismissed?

They slowly find places to stay at, like nearby campfires, or go back were they came from :) Mostly, when you dismiss your whole group, they go and sit together near the nearest campfire, and stay there.

Add more Questions? do you have any? post them here, and i will expend this article :)

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