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Growing fruits and vegetables require certain conditions, that is why you need stabilizers machines.

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In Roboplant, the quality of your produce depends on perfecting a careful balance of oxygen, humidity, and temperature in your production rooms. Mars has very different weather patterns to Earth, and let’s just say they can be pretty unpredictable! You might start the day in freezing conditions and within an hour be faced with searing heat. And since the air contains just 0.2% oxygen (compared with 21% on Earth), it’s almost impossible to grow plants there without a little help. But not to worry! We’ve designed some nifty stabiliser machines that will take care of all your atmospheric worries.

These machines use varying amounts of energy and water, so you’ll need to be sure you have enough in supply to power them – if they fail mid-growth cycle, then your whole crop will be kaput. There is also some planning necessary to work out how many machines you need, depending on your room size. Each machine regulates only a certain amount of space.

Once you install the machines, they get to work right away and continue autonomously. However, like real life machinery, they can break down. If that happens, you’ll need to send a worker quick-smart to carry out an emergency fix.

There will also be factors outside of your control that could affect the smooth running of your stabilising machinery. Space events that effect oxygen and temperature, for example, might mean your stabilisers need a boost to compensate. All good, provided you have the energy and water supplies necessary to cover the increased outputs. Boosting can lead to more frequent breakdowns too, which means you might need an extra worker on hand to carry out further maintenance.

If your factory runs out of energy or water then your stabilisers have one last trick up their sleeves to try and save your growing crops. You can equip them with an emergency kit that will kick in, to protect your plants from ruin. However, this isn’t a long term solution and a proper fix will be needed ASAP if you want to continue building your farming empire!

See the whole list of animations for the stabilizers here:

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