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This entry in our species series covers the cybernetic Ornithons of Lord of Rigel!

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“They do not hear the call of a queen. They hear the voice of the machines in their minds. They know only the cold of the metal cut into their flesh and not the warmth of the hive.” -Aranid Drone

The Orinthon evolved on a low gravity world of Algol. Physically frail this species survived by evolving a society that focused on pack defense in order to protect themselves from larger predators on their homeworld. Their species has always been about focusing on how to improve their natural weakness. When the Ornithon began to industrialize they saw it as a way to give them an edge over other species and to continue to defend their pack. They quickly excelled at factory life and production. However the Ornithon sought other ways to continue improving their physically weak bodies. With the advent of cybernetics the Ornithon culture quickly adapted numerous robotics into implants that could be used to augment their perceived weaknesses. Their culture became so focused that there is no Ornithon in existence without some level of cybernetic enhancements. Their cybernetic implants combined with their flight abilities grant them an inherent advantage in space combat since they intuitively understand three dimensional combat. Heavily industrialized, the Orinthon are hungry for the resources of other worlds.

Designer’s Notes:
The Orinthon are a combination of Avian and cyborg species in scifi. The Orinthon are physically frail and extensively upgraded themselves with cybernetics to the point that little is left of their original bodies. They’re also heavy industrialists and their worlds are choked by pollution. They have a very strict dictatorship with a strong meritocracy where individuals earn positions in their society. Some of the highest positions in their society are industrialists eking out the last resources of pollution choked worlds.

In terms of feel and art direction we wanted them to be a bit distinct from some of their influences, the Alkari from Master of Orion and the Turians in Mass Effect. They are meant to have a bit of an honorable warlike vibe like the Katraxi, but a little less militaristic. So their artwork evokes a bit of the Klingons and Cardassians from Star Trek. The focus on self-upgrading also touches a little on the Borg, but they may be a few centuries from going down that route as a species. Overall as a mash of influences we’re hoping people really enjoy the Orinthons!

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