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This week we're discussing the Humans in Lord of Rigel and the route we took with humanity as a playable faction.

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“These cowards speak of peace and understanding. They lack the heart and honor of a true warrior.” -Chtorr, Katraxi Strategist

With the advent of faster than light travel, and a need for a unified front against potential alien aggressors, humanity has formed the Republic of Sol. Humans have demonstrated considerable aptitude for galactic diplomacy. However, the desire to foster inter-species cooperation and enterprise has left humanity vulnerable to espionage compared to other species.

Designer’s Notes:
Creating a unique feel for Humans in any scifi game is difficult. For Lord of Rigel we wanted them to feel grounded and in the relative near future in terms of clothing and the design of the spacecraft. Drawing on Star Trek and Babylon 5 we also felt that making the humans strong with building alliances was a good direction. Since many players might start with Humans that helps with the learning curve on many game mechanics by making the galaxy a little less hostile for them. One big disadvantage that we gave to Humans is a major penalty to spying. This is because of the openness of Human society compared to other species in Lord of Rigel, who grant full citizenship to non-humans. Humans are also different from the other species in having a democratic form of government where citizens have direct elections. This government type provides morale and research bonuses, which also significantly help new players by reducing the risk of rebellions. Still, the vulnerability to spy actions can make it easy for other species like the Xantus to incite rebellions among the Humans, promoting hardline elements that may hurt Humanity’s place in galactic diplomacy. When playing against Humans their ability to quickly create coalitions makes them a threat so splintering their power with well concerted covert actions or military actions that rapidly reduce morale such as invading Earth are the best ways to try to curb their power!

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