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The latest entry of our species series covers the enigmatic Xantus, Lord of Rigel's shapeshifting spies!

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“Observation: Undifferentiated tissues with mimetic properties. Threat Assessment: High risk of infiltration and subverting other organic species. Threat to Synthetics: Minimal.” -G7N4 Synth Biologist

A species of shapeshifters, the Xantus are feared throughout the galaxy for their infiltration abilities. Their technology reflects their nature - Xantus FTL drives leave no signatures and can’t be tracked. Perceived as untrustworthy, the Xantus are shunned from galactic commerce.

Designer’s Notes:
The Xantus are our spying species. They’re heavily influenced by shapeshifters such as the Founders from Star Trek Deep Space Nine and the Thing. To give a little more background on their unique biology: Each Xantus is made of non-differentiated cells which can adapt to almost any purpose and perfectly mimic any biological material it encounters. Definitions such as “plant” or “animal” are irrelevant to the Xantus. The only form of life on their homeworld is the Xantus and most Xantus are differentiated colonies for photosynthesis. This changed during the last great war when a ship crashed on Xanthak. Some Xantus cells mimicked the biological structures of the dead crew, becoming the first sentient Xantus colonies. The ability to create specialized nervous systems quickly spread to other Xantus, and new ecosystems grew and collapsed overnight. Each Xantus is a unique individual and as such changing specialized brain and neutral cells will destroy their consciousness. So while each Xantus cell is immortal, individuals are not. Understanding the threat posed by the existence of different forms of life, the Xantus began to harness metallurgy and develop other technologies to protect themselves. The Xantus are widely feared throughout the galaxy for their infiltration abilities, as with a single touch they can take the form of any biological matter and even mimic most inorganic forms. Although many are hired as spies and mercenaries, their loyalty to their species is paramount. Overall they are the most ‘alien’ species in Lord of Rigel, but to look somewhat relatable to the player they tend to keep more humanoid looking forms.

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