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Alright first off let me start off by saying sorry for the lack of updates, progress has been slow on account of spring break. Second the reason im posting this is because i want to know what YOU, the people, want to really see in this mod. What cool features would you like to see. i.e. money system, chat system, slo mo.

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It can be ANYTHING, as long as its within the theme of our mod,
it can be things you saw from other video games, things you wish they had put in other mods in the past, just let us know, and we'll try to incorprate it!

Also were in great need of members so make sure to read our summary for poistions we need Also something i didnt put up there, is if your extremly talented with the Flow graph then we could also use you help!
Be sure to see updates from us soon also.


Could you have Scarface? easteregg?

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chris_sloany Author

were goanna have something like scarface :).
no easter eggs, but a bonus level.

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