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Hi guys!

First of all: this will be an evolving feature, with you beeing able to shape it. This means, that this post will be updated with the other two classes - and also changed, based on your feedback. Moreover this should be an open discussion. We want to share our thoughts on Animation, Design Elements and the Combat system in general with you. We further want to give you some inside look on our work, while beeing curious about what you think of it.

That said, let´s start!

The Shield Class

The shield class is very balanced in Terms of speed. His strength is his ability to block 90% of incoming damage while beeing in block stance. Furthermore, he is the only class, that is able to move while blocking. He´s of importance for his team because of his defensive abilities. Because of the characters collision in Project Nemesis (Players can´t walk through other players) the shield class is able to protect his team mates from the enemy team, by blocking their way. This is especially important in king mode, in order to shield one´s king.

The Shield class is low in offense. While his attack speed is balanced, he is doing the lowest dps. However with the shield strike he also has a "push" skill, what enables him, to repulse his enemy. Because of his low dps, it may often be wiser for him to dogde or to block an enemy, until he is able to throw him into the abyss by timing and aiming his shield strike.

Furthermore, the shield class is also able to spawn a group shield, enabling him to block a certain path. The group shield is a whispy looking shield of energy, lasting for one minute. Although it can be destroyed by the opposing team, the shield class is often able to buy valuable time for his team. Either by blocking a path behind himself, or by barricading an entry in front of him. Either by locking out the enymy and protecting the own team, or by locking the enemy in, preventing him from escaping - enabling his team mates to do the dirty work.

The Combat system in general

Our aim is, to have the player understand the basic game mechanics, his primary goals and the basic controls of Project Nemesis within one minute. While we want to provide the dedicated player with an interesting combo system, he is able to master by pressing the right buttons at the right time. Therefore we look at fighting games and Beat´m ups.

We all know the situation, when we play a certain beat´m up the first time. There are two kinds of people. First one is taking the controller, spamming random buttons beeing happy (and kind of suprised) when his character does a great combo. Slowly he is realizing, how to combine the buttons to get the effect he wants.

While first guy is raping the controller, second guy grabs the manual first, trying to learn all the combinations by heart, before even touching the controller. Mostly, second guy kicks first one´s ass, after he is done with the manual. I, myself am more first guy. However, of course, both have a great time before - and while mastering the combo system.

We don´t want the player to really need a manual. We want him to be able to jump in, and to progress without one. That´s why we start with a simple, basic skilltree, adding new skills to spice up your combos through the development. We will further provide starting players with little hints, when to press a certain key to continue a combo, he just accidently started.

What about you? Are you more manual-guy, or more trial-and-error?

Aimforthehead - - 274 comments

This is awesome!

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

thanks man! we really appreciate it!

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Midnight_Aurias - - 248 comments

chance to awesomegames XD i wil love to play this game when there alot of servers

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

yeah! that´s what we´re working for =)

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Animations looks really good, great job!

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IPS - - 289 comments

yup, high quality animations.
also really nice rig, seems to be really clean and perfectly working. ; )

keep up the good work!

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

first guy
not cause I hate to read manuals, but I love trying out stuff by my own

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niallhalloran - - 8 comments

I was hoping for a Spear and Sheild class

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