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Check out the modding solution for this fantasy strategy game!

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Songs of Conquest, the hybrid RPG and strategy game, now features modding support powered by Read on to learn more about Songs of Conquest and how will support a new set of community creators!

Songs of Conquest is the soon-to-be early access strategy/RPG hybrid that will make its debut on May 10th. Set in a deeply magical fantasy world with an emphasis on empire-building and careful planning, the game melds numerous gameplay styles common to the genre. In so doing, players are given many options to approach the conquest of the world across different factions, landscapes, and stories.

Image 6
Environments pop with richly detailed pixel art in many of Songs of Conquests' backdrops

Level editing and modding are sure-fire ways to grow the audience of a game in both the short and long-term, off-setting the development cost of shipping a game with an overabundance of features by allowing the community to keep the content flowing themselves. Even better is when these tools are as powerful as what the original developers used themselves, much like how Half-Life 2 or Warcraft 3 released tools were usually just as powerful as those used to make the games.

Image 4
A story campaign supplements skirmish gametypes for different avenues of play

So it is that Songs of Conquest has launched with its own modding support and level editing tools straight from the developers, every bit as powerful in scripting and construction as those used to create the campaign and skirmish gametypes - and launching across multiple storefronts, will make cross-platform sharing of content comfortable to use.

Image 8
Four factions control in distinct ways for varied gameplay

The modding support at launch is intended to allow players to create and script custom campaign or skirmish missions, allowing for players' own additions to the mythos surrounding Songs of Conquest or simply to create new battlegrounds to act out the game's strategic combat system.

Image 1

Powerful scripting tools will allow players the chance
to make their own fantasy epics within Songs of Conquest

The game is available for wishlisting over on Steam, with an expected release date of the 10th of May. The game will also be available through EGS and GOG for those that prefer alternative storefronts, though thanks to, modding support will be compatible regardless of the platform you're using.

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