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These do not fit in other module sections, so they end up being listed here.

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1) Grenades no longer beep and glow, because why should a death-carrying hand-thrown bomb signalize about itself to an enemy.

2) Grenades now produce fragments (somewhere between 80 and 100), which do massive damage but are bad against armor. Blastwave itself works better against armored enemies, but does little raw damage.

3) Picking up, holding and throwing stuff now takes stamina depending on a mass of an object you try to pick up. Holding it also reduces your movement speed a little.

4) You don't regenerate full health after losing some of it via drowning, now only 66%.

5) Weapon does not dissapear after you take ammo from it.

6) Every action in a firefight, like shooting, someone taking damage, explosions, etc, increases "situation coolness" - a hidden value. It slowly depletes over time, but if it will manage to reach 100, a slow-mo with black-and-white overlay will trigger for a short period of time, but only if you see the trigger. Only major actions (explosions, deaths, rpg shooting) trigger it, othervise it will not work even if it reaches 100.

7) Armored enemies don't bleed, or bleed a little.

8) Your character breathes when on low stamina, low hp or sprinting.

9) Pain sounds added for most damage types. No, Freeman will not call for a medic.

10) Headshots now do x5 damage if hit upper head, x3 damage if hit lower head and neck.

11) Cool tactical sound effects for jumping, crouching, leaning, aiming, landing, laddering, dodging, moving, sprinting, swimming. With hev suit, and without it.

12) Old weapon holsters before you deploy a new one.

13) You can "sprint" underwater.

14) You can't use weapons when underwater.

15) Grenades are now thrown by pressing a grenade button. If you press it with ironsight button, grenade will lob or roll.

16) To pick up ammo, medkit, etc, you need to press "use" button, that will holster your weapon as well, so you can't just sprint over items, picking them up.

17) Camera up-and-down effect after landing.

18) You can attack all living targets with physcannon primary attack, but this attack is weak.

19) Many new particles, some HD retextures.

20) Camera movement when reloading or switching weapons.

21) You may throw your weapon at your enemy like a low-powered projectile.

22) HEV suit can be switched to work in silent, medical, combat, or full mode. In silent mode, hev suit does no commentaries about anything. Medical only responses wound treating. Combat responses things like picking up weapon, magazine emptying, ammunition managing. Full mode does combat+medical.

23) Saving is disabled on third difficulty level. Only level-specific saves are still working. If you play standard HL2 campaign, game tracks if you start and end it on third difficulty. Perhaps we'll add an achievment for beating it this way.

24) The lowest difficulty level is called "actually a normal difficulty" in-game.

25) Only one weapon for primary, secondary and melee slot. Vital weapons such as crowbar, bugbait and physcannon cannot be dropped.

26) Vital-signs checking, as shown in last video.

27) Melee attacks can disarm you, dropping your weapon.

28) Bullets hitting grenades can instantly blow them up, or destroy their fuse, making them non-explosive. This is completely random.

29) Turrets can be stunned by gunfire for a short time, but not destroyed.

30) Something very grim happens at the Citadel.


Holy... and all of this is included in the mod?
Sounds like the most interesting beta recreation now.

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But will you add animations or camera movements for climbing ladders?

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steamcrusher Author

in one of the patches after release

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Sounds good to me.

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